Sunday, November 14, 2010

I Heart my Bloggy Buddies

I realize that my past few posts have been 'slacker' posts that involved some repostings of past blog entries. I know I said I'd come back and give you some details a couple of times now, but by the next day, I realize that nobody actually gives a rat's ass about the details, so I haven't bothered with them.

As for yesterday's 'day from hell,' let me just say it involved an overflowing/clogged toilet, 2 teenaged boys who stayed up playing XBox until 5:45am (which is when I woke up and found them still playing, despite being specifically told NOT to do that because they had to be up early to drive downtown, which then almost made us late), bumper-to-bumper traffic, thousands of pedestrians taking over the city, I could go on and on, but I'm sure I've bored you already.

Nonetheless, I very much appreciate all the supportive comments from my Bloggy Buddies. Thank you! :)


Sarahf said...

I love your "slacker" posts. I still can't speak like an Italian (I'm far too British) but I'm practising!

Clippy Mat said...

Hey, I've rolled out a few slacker posts myself so what can I say? I love all of your posts and I appreciate your support too. Works both ways. :-)