Friday, November 5, 2010

Maybe I've taken things a little too far...

This is what my thermostat says right now. I just walked in the door from a long day. I stayed late at work, then had to drive to Stud's school to pick him up. We stopped at home just long enough to let Buster out, then we were on our way to the bank, then met Bestest Friend for dinner. From there, we stopped at my parents' for a quick visit, which turned into a much longer visit because my niece stopped by. It's nearly 10:30, and we're just getting home. I'm so tired, I can hardly think straight. And, sadly, we have to be up very bright and early tomorrow because we're going downtown to an open house at one of the colleges Stud is considering. WTF?! How do I have a child who is OLD enough to be considering freakin' college!?!?!?

I know he's old enough, though, because tomorrow, my 'baby' will turn 17. Seven-friggin-teen!!!! That's the age I was when I met his father. THAT is terrifying! I'm having kind of a hard time accepting the fact that my baby went from 0-17 in a nanosecond. I'm not ready to be the parent of an adult. His father made sure to remind him that if he gets arrested now, he'll be tried as an adult. Yeah...great words of wisdom, CSJ!

So far, the game plan is to go downtown to the open house at Columbia College, then just hang out downtown for a while. The weather will be playing a big part in our plans, since I'm not sure how cold it will be, and I don't think Stud will want to be walking around in the cold very long.

OK, my fingers are pretty frozen and numb, so I'm going to have to stop typing, and get under my covers. Alas, we didn't get any snow again today. Poop.


Sarahf said...

Wow, a college-bound looker? You did good, Mum!

Ricochet said...

Enjoy - the looking is fun!!

Clippy Mat said...

No wonder the child is going off to college. He's bloody freezing at home and is looking for a warmer dorm room.
Turn the thermostat up would ya?
I'm cold just reading it.
p.s. MY word verification is

Busy Bee Suz said...

LOL at Clippy!!!
What a long day you have had...I hope you slept good though.
Good luck with the college tour!!!

LoLo is officially signing with a college on Wednesday. Yikes.

Katie said...

I don't know how you stand 52 degrees. Brrr. Keeping busy must help. Great job with the blogging!

C said...

happy HAPPY birthday to stud!!! mine is nov. 7, sundee... and i will be 50 fucking five!!!! 55...

youre doing great with your posting, cheech. and yes i know how it feels to think your baby will be going off to college. i just went thru that with christophe... at least stud's looking to stay in town like my peepers did. it helps. hope you get some white stuff soon!

karen gerstenberger said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, STUD! I know how hard it is to believe that your dear boy is really a young man, looking at colleges - you know we just went through that! But it is such fun to see him blossoming, and you are doing a wonderful job with him. He is already a great guy!
Dad's "words of wisdom?" Not so much. Hmmm.
Is that the temperature INDOORS or OUTDOORS?
Have a wonderful celebration!