Monday, November 15, 2010

Come on down!!

I was telling my friend today about my brother's wonderful and kind gesture yesterday, and I said to her, "I feel like a won the Showcase Showdown on The Price is Right!" That is pretty much what it feels like. And, here's the Big Bonus - I'm taking tomorrow off the accept delivery of my Shiny New Appliance Extravaganza!

Originally, my sister was going to come here for the delivery, which naturally will happen during working hours. But, one of my nieces is home sick, and I didn't want her to have to leave her sick baby at home just to come sit here for a few hours. Also, my mother had cataract surgery this morning, and needs to go back to the doctor tomorrow, so my sister will be taking her. I think that's enough Good Karma points for the day, don't you?

What really made me decide I should stay home was my fridge. I was down in the basement earlier this evening, moving furniture, etc., to clear a path for the delivery men. Then, it suddenly occurred to me that I would need to empty my existing fridge before it could be taken out. Obviously, this wasn't something I could do tonight, but I didn't want to stick my sister with this daunting task. My fridge and freezer are chock-full! It actually warmed up a bit here today (in the freakin' 50s. Argh!), otherwise I would take the things out of the fridge and leave them outside, but it's not going to be cold enough for that. So, I guess I'll just need to be here, so I can empty out the refrigerator right before the delivery. I guess I'll just have to take one for the team... ;-)

Speaking of taking one for the team, my wonderful friend from school volunteered to stop here in the morning to pick up the folder I put together for the sub. I went to Kinkos and copied some things, as well as put together a lesson plan, and my friend is going to put these things on my desk in the morning. She rocks!

I can't wait to share some pictures with you tomorrow. I'm hoping my dad will come over tomorrow night to hook up the gas lines on my stove and dryer, so I can break in the new oven. Woo hoo! I'm getting excited already!!! I may have to make a few practice runs with the Christmas cookies.... ;-)

Finally tonight, I very Happy Birthday to my Bestest Friend!!! I love you!


C said...

you deserve the day off to recieve your prezzies from the bro. enjoy your day hon, you deserve it all!

Clippy Mat said...

so exciting. Looking forward to the photos of the new appliances. Enjoy your day off.

Busy Bee Suz said...

I am so excited for you.
Seriously, next to the love of my family, appliances are tops on my list of great things!
Have fun today...Happy birthday to your sweet friend!

M said...

YAY! I was sick last was such a nice break! I hope you had a nice day and enjoyed your new appliances! can you call the gas company? They come out here for free and hook up...just so they are sure it is done correctly.