Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Let's talk turkey!

This is seriously one of our favorite books. Last year, I must have read it, no exaggeration, 50 times in the month of November. I also have the cassette tape (yeah, I'm old school like that! We don't need no stinkin' CDs!) which was played at least once a day. I finally busted it out yesterday, as a little treat for the babies, and they went ape shit! We decided at the end of the story, that we would write our own book, that continues the story. Just in case you aren't familiar with the book (What?! You mean you aren't all primary teachers?!) the turkeys start off "foolin' on a fence," and then at the end, the fence is gone. On the last page, the turkeys move to a tree. That's were we decided to pick up the story.

Today, after I read it (again!) we decided to brainstorm for our new book. We were trying to come up with rhyming words for the numbers 1-10. When we got to four, I reminded the babies that this week's spelling words are all -or words, hoping they would give me a few. The first baby says, "More!" Great! Then, CJ starts waving his hand around, so I figure I'm gonna get another spelling word. I call on him, and he shouts out, "Whore!" Umm....yeah....that rhymes, alright.... So, then I lied to him (yeah, yeah, I suck) and told him that even though that IS a rhyme, it isn't a real word. Oh, yes I did!

The funniest thing to me is the fact that he even said "whore." I know how this is going to sound, so I apologize in advance if this is offensive to anyone, but in the 'hood, NO ONE says "whore." Come on, you all know what they say.......yep, that's right....HO! Now, this actually worked to my advantage today, because NONE of the other babies even knew what the hell CJ was talking about when he said it. There was no reaction whatsoever.

I had another CJ story that I thought I had already shared, but going through my archives right now, I see that I never did share it. Well, now I have tomorrow's post!


Anonymous said...

Kids say the cutest things when they don't realize they are something so perverse.

I could write a book with all of things that my 4 year olds have said over the years.

Have you ever read the book, The Littlest Pilgrim to your class? I just read it to a pre-k class and I loved it. Its about a little pilgrim who wants to help all of the members of her family but she is just too small. The kids loved it!

Busy Bee Suz said...

Oh my gosh. Whore. Hoe.
Just too much.

And as miss gingie said: the littlest pilgrim is a sweet book.

Kathy G said...

I heard this book (on CD) for the first time yesterday in the preschool class I work in. What a hoot! I LOVE the background music.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the suggestions. I am going to use and remember those books. 2 years ago, I was a first year teacher and had such difficulty finding appropriate Thanksgiving books for Pre-K. I finally decided to tell the story with Pilgrim and Native American paper dolls and then turned into a center activity.

Do you have any other books to recommend as well? Thank you again for the suggestions.

Sandra said...

hahaha! Whore isn't a real word...of course not, it's ho! Ho is the real word!

C said...

that is so funny... whore! it sounds like the approaching holidays are cheering you up a bit, now all ya need is that snow...

otin said...

10 fat turkeys? sounds like my family photo! lol

ModernMom said...

LOL Oh my gosh. Remind me never to play piker against you. You are an amazing bluffer:)
My girls are 9 and 11 errr probably overprotected...and I don't think they would know what a whore is!

PS Thank you so so so much for your fabulous comment on my "coming out" post today. I LOVED it. Best comment of the month!