Friday, May 1, 2015

How in the world did she know.....

...that I was having such a horrible day?

The past 36 hours or so have been kinda on the crappy side.  I came home from work in a really awful mood, for many reasons, the least of which was the hour I had just been stuck in traffic.

I walked into my room, to change out of my work clothes, only to find a package on my bed.  Hmmm...what's this?

Look what I found in the box:
Oh my holy hell!!!  It's SO stinkin' cute!!!!!  My sweet Bloggy Buddy, Ricochet, sent this adorable bag to me, completely out of the blue.  It literally brought tears to my eyes.  It was exactly the bit of joy I needed today.  And, it seriously warmed my heart to know that just because I've been away from the Blogosphere FOREVER, I haven't been forgotten.

Thank you, Ricochet!!  Your kindness is such a blessing!


Pissed Off said...

You and Ricochet are two of my favorite bloggy friends and I had the pleasure of meeting you both.

M said...

So cute! Everyone needs a surprise now and then :)