Wednesday, December 5, 2007

This day sucked ass!

Well, the "day" itself wasn't so horrible, but it got progressively worse. After a long, exhausting day with the babies, I was supposed to stay for a meeting from 3-5. By the time 3 o'clock rolled around, I was in no mood to hang out for two more hours, so I went upstairs, placed my order for materials, and left around 3:30. My son and I went to Chipotle for an early dinner (I still haven't been able to shake the urge from the other day!). While we were eating, I got a phone call from my friend, but I let it go to voice mail because we were having dinner. She is the president of the Parents' Club at my son's school. Did I mention I was vice president? I called her back when we were on our way home, at about 5:15 to see what was up. Well, she called because tonight, at 6:00, was our monthly meeting, which I forgot all about. Good thing I didn't stay for that stupid meeting, huh? I really wanted to just skip it, but she called to tell me SHE was skipping (family emergency) so I had no choice, since I had to run the meeting. I had just enough time to drive my son all the way home, then turn around and drive back to his school.

As I was walking toward the school, I slipped on a patch of ice and fell. I had my purse in one hand, and my laptop in the other, so of course I tried to save it, and fell straight down on my (old!) knees. I tried to lift my computer up as I fell so it didn't bounce on the ground, so naturally I twisted my back in a weird way. I know I'll be feeling that tomorrow. My knees have been killing me since it happened. They'll be nice and bruised tomorrow, too.

I left school at 7:30, anxious to finally get home and relax. Well, about a mile from my house, I was caught by a freight train. Never a good thing, right? They move so slow, and they're sooo long. Well, this little baby decided to stop after about 10 minutes, and just sit on the tracks. And sit it did. For 45 freakin' minutes!!! It finally started to move, only to stop again after less than 3 minutes. I sat for another 15 minutes (yes, that's an hour now!) and finally decided to bite the bullet, and try to go around it. While I was sitting there, plenty of cars were turning around, and going down side streets, but I had no idea where they led, and I figured, with the way my night was going, I'd get lost or stuck or something, so I just sat. But, when I hit that hour mark, I had to try. I backtracked about two blocks, and was able to get on a street that cuts right back toward my neighborhood. Little did I know, the train had already cleared that section of track, which means I could have saved myself the last 15 minutes of sitting, had I have turned around earlier. Of course, that just made me even angrier at the whole situation!

By then, I decided I had better stop for gas, since my car had been running all that time. I certainly didn't want to take the chance of running out of gas in the weather we've been having this week. (The gas gauge doesn't work on my car, so that's a very real possibility, and happens quite frequently.) I finally walked in the door at about 9:05 pm. Since I walked out the door this morning at 7 am, it made for a very long day.

Now, the entire time I was sitting in the car (about an hour and a half) I was on the phone with various members of my family, including my mother, trying to straighten out a 'situation' we're having with Christmas. I absolutely do not have the strength to explain right now, but all that did was exhaust me even further. Like I said, this day sucked ass!!!

To top it all off, one of my favorite Christmas specials was on tonight. I was really looking forward to watching it, cuddled up on the couch with my son, sipping hot cocoa (see yesterday). That's one of the reasons I didn't stay for the meeting at work. So much for that. Oh, who am I trying to kid? I have the movie on both VHS and DVD. But, like I've said on a previous post, it's just not the same as watching it on TV.

It's way past my bedtime now, so let me leave you with this:

Cleaning your house while your kids are still growing up is like shoveling the walk before it stops snowing. ---Phyllis Diller

This quote came to mind tonight because it snowed like crazy during the day today, AND I was supposed to spend the evening cleaning (ok, straightening up) my house because some friends are coming over tomorrow. Oh well, good thing they love me, cuz I ain't cleaning now!!!


KBL 2 ORD 2 SAN said...

Hey woman!
Your ass needs to move down here ASAP!!!
Gosh, what a crappy fucking day, huh? I'm so very sorry. I hope your knees are ok. I have a completely replaced right knee, complete with screws and nails, so I've got to tell ya to preserve those babies. Ice it, heat it, repeat lots, and take some Motrin. Keep them elevated on a rolled towel or a pillow for a few days, ok?

How OLD are you anyway!? Jeezaloo. You make yourself sound 89!

KBL 2 ORD 2 SAN said...

Oh, and remember, this day may have sucked ass, but that is infinitely better than it having sucked crusty snatch or something worse. It could always be worse.

Yeah, you guessed it. Your girl Laura taught me that one. Tee hee.

Smileygirl said...

I'm sorry you had such a crap ass day/night. Maybe you need to move cocktail hour up to noon! I'm sure the kiddos wouldn't mind!

ChiTown Girl said...

Oh, you two!!! I'm sitting here at my desk, getting ready for the day, and you both made me laugh out loud!! It's just the way I needed to start my school day. Thanks to your boy, Buster, the morning didn't start out so hot. LOVE starting my day cleaning up the garbage he got into overnight!! :(

Laura, good job on corrupting KBL! She's just as nasty as us now. One more for our team!! :)