Tuesday, July 20, 2010


OK, sometimes, my stupidity surprises even me. I called Italy at about 5 this morning when I woke up. While talking to my daddy, I said something about "see you Thursday" as we were saying good bye. He says, "No, I'm leaving tomorrow." HUH? Thank God I called them this morning!! My brother and I already had our game plan in place for picking them up THURSDAY!!!

But, I quickly pointed out to my dear daddy that at least my mistake wasn't as bad as his last year. You may remember that he FORGOT TO COME HOME! I called the morning he was supposed to leave to see if he got off to the airport alright, and my mother tells me he's standing outside talking to the neighbor. WTH? Yeah, he thought he was leaving the next day. So, at least I see where I get my Dork Gene from! And, I don't care, cuz my daddy rocks!!

And, the best part of this whole story....MY DADDY WILL BE HOME TOMORROW!!!!! WOO HOO!


Change for Good said...

Yeah!!! I am glad your dad is coming home early! It would have been bad if no one was there to greet him at the airport! I love that you are close to your dad. That is so awesome.

C said...

awesome! i know you missed him alot.


Busy Bee Suz said...

So happy your Dad will be back home, lets just hope he remembers this time. :)