Sunday, June 3, 2012

Happy Birthday, Baby Brother!

I was far too lazy to actually go dig out pictures of my brother, so I only had the ones already on my computer to work with. I still think he's pretty cute, don't you? (Jo! Stop licking your screen!!)

I think he was about 3 months old here. What a pudge-meister!

I think this is 6 months. You can see where Monkey gets her cutes from, right?
I know this is an awful picture, but it's the only one I could find on my computer of my brother and Stud. Uncle and Niece #2
Uncle and Niece #1
See any family resemblance here?
I love this picture of him and Monkey. I don't know why, cuz it looks like she's trying to get the hell away from him. Look how teeny she is!! I think she was about a month old here.
My brother and the two girls he loves most in the world.
Ok, I know that was kind of a crappy post, but soon I'll have LOTS of free time on my hands, and I'll be able to finally scan all my snapshots into my computer. THEN I can really bore you with pictures!!

Happy Birthday, Baby Brother!!!


otin said...

Wish him a happy birthday for me!

Busy Bee Suz said...

Yes, he was quite the pudgemeister. Happy birthday to your bubba!!!!

Funny in My Mind said...

He sure is cute!
Happy birthday to your brother.

SonyaAnn said...

You have such good looking people in your family!
Please tell your bro, Happy Birthday!

karen gerstenberger said...

He's adorable! Happy Birthday to your bro!

Maria said...

Quite a bunch of good looking people there...

Hey, any word from Chris? Is she ok?

Jim said...

Lisa, I can feel the love you have for your brother! So nice to see.
And keep the photos coming!

jlo said...

Where'd his cheeks go? How many more days for you? 9 for me...not that I'm counting!!!