Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Guess who I got to spend the day with...

Yep! My little Monkey!! Good God, I love this baby!!

This was nap-time. I was cracking up about how big she is now. Her legs hang out of this swing now. I asked my brother earlier in the morning if he ever used the swing anymore, and he said no. But, someone didn't want to take a much-needed nap, so Auntie thought, "What the hell, let's give it a try!" Worked like a charm!!

This was her in her swing back around Halloween. What a difference! She just looks bigger because she's wearing those adorable Baby Uggs!Daddy's girlfriend bought her a ballpit for Christmas. Up until recently, it's mostly been used to corral her stuffed animals. She's starting to really like playing with the balls, and likes to throw them across the room to her daddy. I decided she needed to get right in the middle of it today, just to see what happens.

"Hey, Auntie, whatta ya doin' up there? Come play with me!"The reason I was lucky enough to have her all to myself today is that her daddy went to the Cubs game. Because he's such a jinx, they were massacred. 17-1 :( But, if THIS good luck charm had been there, I know they would have won!


Mary A. said...


Funny in My Mind said...

Holy donkeys she is gorgeous!!
Baby Uggs! I want a baby so I buy matching boots!
Can you borrow her for a road trip to Bron's house.
It is surface of the sun hot here but we will sit in my house and kiss the baby all day.

Mark said...

She's so cute and the best part, she always looks so happy. Someone is doing something right!

Melanie said...

Yeah, she really is the cutest thing! I hate when they outgrow the swing - it's like an admission that they aren't babies anymore. But she fits, so she's a baby! I'm jealous you got to spend the whole day with her. She looks like so much fun!

karen gerstenberger said...

She is so adorable! Lucky auntie!

karen gerstenberger said...
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Busy Bee Suz said...

Oh you lucky monkey you.
She is such a doll...does she ever fuss??? If not, send her to me asap. I need a baby.