Saturday, June 30, 2012

I wasn't kidding...

(why do I already look drunk here?!)

Damn, this is yummy!!!
Just for the record, before any margaritas were blended, I took a LONG shower (which explains the dripping wet hair in these pictures), and washed away 4 hours worth of dirt, blood, sweat and tears. (Most of the tears were thanks to the crap in the post below.) Then I folded the load of whites left in the dryer by CSJ this morning, threw the wet clothes from the washer (that this morning I found he had left in the washer and never turned on!) in the dryer, and put another load in the washer. Then I emptied the dishwasher in the basement (yes, I'm still cleaning up from last week's Tastefully Simple party. Don't judge!) and reloaded it. Then I blended some mock-aritas for Stud and one of his besties who is visiting. THEN I made myself some Nectar of the Gods. =) Now I've really earned it, don't you think?


Maria said...

I just saw that video and it made my stomach churn. I know SO many brilliant teachers and then one like this has to fuck it up for all of them.


The drink looks delicious, btw...although I'm an amaretto and soda sort of gal.

Busy Bee Suz said...

Cheers!!! Well, here it is Sunday morning. Or you still drunk??

M said...

You more than deserve it!

Jason, as himself said...

Looks yummy! I'm glad you are relaxing.

Now...I have gone back and read the last few weeks of posts and I have not been able to figure out what your exciting chapter is that is coming up. I'm dense sometimes.