Saturday, June 30, 2012

What the hell is wrong with some people?! (updated)

Does anyone else think this is outrageous?

Here's the link to the online article where I lifted this video. I can't believe this bully was put on PAID leave. That's unbelievable!! I don't care what happened before this BABY landed in time out. He's a THREE year-old, and she's supposed to be a responsible ADULT. Watching this just turned my stomach. This chick wouldn't have made it 5 minutes at the Hell-Hole if she can't deal with THIS. It just makes me so sad for this little boy. What did this "time out" teach him? To counter angry/upset feelings with more angry/upset feelings? That if you're bigger, you can push people around and taunt them? What the hell was she thinking?!

First of all, she should have placed him in time out, and walked away. It's time out!! If she really HAD to talk to him, it should have been after the 3 minutes was up, and it should have been about what he was thinking/feeling. She should have acknowledged his feelings (anger, sadness, whatever it was) and talked about how he could better deal with those feelings. (It's not ok to throw toys when we're angry, etc) It absolutely should NOT have been, "Come on, tough guy!" and all the other garbage that spewed from her big mouth.

I don't know why this has touched such a nerve with me, but I'm seriously pissed off and upset about this video. Maybe I've been away from the babies for too long, I don't know. What I DO know is this video makes my inner-three-year-old want to slap that bitch!

I saw this article last night, and it also had me upset. What had me most upset, I think, is that this poor baby is just about the same age as my Monkey. I can't even, for one second, imagine someone treating her like this.

I supposed I should just stop reading/watching the news, huh? I don't think my heart, or stomach, can take it anymore.


Ok, I noticed that the above video said "Part 2" so I made the mistake of looking for Part 1. Oh my hell, now I REALLY want to smack the ever-livin' shit out of this psycho bitch!!!! See for yourself. Maybe YOU can figure out which one has the maturity of a three year old.

This broad has a serious problem. Who the hell thinks that's an appropriate way to talk to a child?! Hell, a BABY. HELLO, HE'S THREE!!! Why would she keep antagonizing him to point of screaming. The poor thing is completely frustrated! Um, yeah, kids that age sometimes throw toys. Get over it! Your job(and, yes, his parents' job, as well) is to teach him that it's not ok to do that, and show him how to channel his anger/frustration elsewhere. It's not to be the CAUSE of that anger/frustration!! This bitch is pure evil. There's a special place in hell for people like this.

Man, I wish I would have just left well-enough alone. Now my blood is boiling. I think I may need a drink. Time to fire up the margarita machine. (In all fairness, I spent the 4 hours between these two postings outside in the Hades-like heat, pulling weeds/trees, and FINALLY planting my tomatoes and basil. So, trust me, the margarita is well-deserved!!)


Pissed Off said...

That was sickening. This mother should be sterilized and the other should be banned for life from child care.

Melanie said...

What's sad is that this is all on the very low end of what adults do to children. I have a friend who does adoption cases for the state when the child is removed from the parent and had all rights terminated, and it is absolutely gut-wrenching what some people will come up with. What I don't get is why they don't drop the kid off somewhere - with anyone - and just walk away. Why hurt the child this way? Why involve yourself in a job where you are around children at all? Looking at the abusers' faces just makes me want to pound the s*&t out of them. And don't even try to tell me about cycles of abuse because if something is done to you as a kid that is all the more reason for you to make sure you never repeat that situation. Believe me, I know.

Anonymous said...

doubt the teacher really has a 'certification in early childhood or is a teacher'..Clearly she knows nothing about disciplining young children.

Second, I absolutely hate using the word time out. I use the word 'sit and watch' and use when it is warranted.

Mrs. G said...

I find it really disturbing that she chose to VIDEOTAPE IT! And put it on Youtube????? Why???

karen gerstenberger said...

Your description prevents me from watching it. I couldn't take it, I'm sure. Poor baby. I'm so glad that I read above that you had a margarita afterward.

Clippy Mat said...

Well that's pretty sickening. How could anyone who has such poor childcare skills be allowed to be in charge? I wish more teachers were like you Cheech.

Busy Bee Suz said...

Did I ever mention to you that I don't read the newspaper...or watch the news. Just for this reason.

Melanie said...

Well, I'm jealous of the marg and I refuse to watch part 1 because I'm afraid I will hunter her down like a dog. I'm also sorry that all husbands are physically incapable of putting clothes in the dryer or taking them out of the dryer when they are dry. It must be a chromosomal issue.