Friday, June 29, 2012

Fabulous Friday

I just stole this from M's blog. It literally made me laugh out loud.My day started out with a trip to the dentist's chair. Good times, good times... Stud and I actually had our bi-annual cleaning appointments yesterday, and I mentioned an issue I was having with a filling that was put in the last time I was there. Apparently, the filling chipped. Thank GOD it was an easy fix. No needles necessary!! Wahoo! I was in and out in about half an hour.

From there I picked up Stud, and then went to my mother's to hang out with my Monkey!! Yay! Oh, and yeah, my brother, too. (tee hee!) We spent a nice afternoon together. My brother, Stud and I went shopping for a Pack N Play for Monkey for my mom's house, and then went to lunch. We left Monkey with my mom, so she didn't mind not joining us for lunch. Plus, we brought her her favorite soup from the restaurant where we ate. (She's feeling LOTS better, by the way. Large doses of Monkey makes everything better!) Then we had a little more play time with Monkey before going home.

About 5 minutes after getting home, my neighbor called to see if I could drive her to get her prescription at the Jewel/Osco near our house. While we were there, I convinced her to do some light grocery shopping. She kept me entertained the whole time with some hilarious stories from her youth. Did I mention that she's 88? She's a hoot!

I came home and enjoyed a delightful bowl of Breyer's Cookie Dough ice cream (sorry, Mel!) It's only about a million degrees here today, so it really hit the spot. And now my honey just walked in the door, so I'm going to wrap this up so we can enjoy our Friday night. Stud's out on a date, so we're on our own. I hope we can find something to do.... Happy Friday!


Funny in My Mind said...

Have fun!
I am on Sept 2010. You blogged a lot. Holy shit.
Have a lovely weekend!
Mine started with me lugging 6 cases of water (Walgreens had them on sale) to the car in 108 degree heat. The carts are small so it took 3 trips in high wedge heels with sweat dripping down my shirt and my kidneys are killing me.
At least my hair looked good.

Busy Bee Suz said...

I'm cracking up at the comment above. She has no idea what she's in for....