Saturday, June 23, 2012

Day 23

I just realized that I posted so late last night, it showed up with today's date. Oh, well. I guess I could go in and edit the post time...

We were at Stud's best friend's house last night, although the best friend wasn't there. He was at a concert with his girlfriend. We were there because it was his mom's birthday, and his grandpa's birthday. Grandpa turned 85! I felt bad for my girlfriend because neither one of her children were there. Like I said, Best Friend was at a concert, and her younger son is in France. Rough, right? He's there as part of an exchange program. Theirs was a true exchange program. Hugo came and visited here for two weeks a few months ago and stayed with our friends, and now Little Brother is there at Hugo's house for 2 weeks. So far, he's having a blast. He actually started a blog to chronicle his adventure.

I brought my margarita maker with me to the party, which may have been a mistake. At least that's what my tummy has been telling me all morning. It didn't help that I had to be up bright and early this morning because one of my sisters-in-law came over so Stud and I could help her with a project for school. She and her husband just left a few minutes ago, and I must say, I'm feeling much better now. The pastries they brought over seemed to have hit the spot!

Before they came over, I started preparing some dips and other yummies for the Tastefully Simple party I'm having tomorrow. I'm SO excited!! Believe it or not, I've never been to or hosted a Tastefully Simple party. I know some of you just fell off your chairs, but it's true. Oh, wait! I haven't told you the best part yet. My consultant is none other than the awesome Jen, from Laughing at Chaos! If you don't read her blog (why the hell not?! She's a hoot!) she recently moved back to the Chicago area. She also recently decided to start up her Tastefully Simple business again, after a few years away. I'm so excited to be her first party, and even MORE excited to finally be meeting her in person!!

It just occurred to me that some of you may want to help her jump start her new business. I think if you send me your email, I can add you to the online guest list, which will let you peruse the catalog and/or place an order online. Yay! Most people who have heard of TS, and have been to other shows, have all told me they LOVE it. As a matter of fact, last night at the birthday party, I got two orders from my friend's family members, who both said "Oh my God! I LOVE this stuff!!" I can't wait to sample the different products tomorrow.

I guess on that note, I'd better get back to preparing for tomorrow's show. We have invitations to two graduation parties today (Stud's "wife" and one of his besties) and I was invited to a baby shower. All three of these parties are scheduled to start at 3:00! WTF?! I'm not sure how the hell we're gonna pull this off, but what I do know is, I only have about an hour to finish making this food. Wish me luck!


Funny in My Mind said...

I am not familiar with Tastefully Simple so will you add me to the online list so I can check out the goods?
Have a carefree, relaxing weekend.
It's hot and I know you hate it (it isn't humid here although it usually is) but I adore it.
I am gonna feel right at home if I go to hell. Ha

Pissed Off said...

That margarita machine is wonderful. I love mine.

Sandra said...

Awww, lucky for getting to meet a fellow blogger! And what a terrific "review" post, although it's clear you love Jen's new business products, it's so terrific of you to be sharing. I'm going to check it out!
PS: I love you! So glad I blog so that I can say I know really really amazing people!

otin said...

You made margaritas and didn't invite me??? I'm hurt!

Funny in My Mind said...

Thank you for the invite.
I tagged you today