Monday, September 21, 2009

What am I getting myself into? (updated)

OK, this has NOTHING to do with school, but it made me laugh!

I talked to New Principal very briefly this morning. I know I mentioned that she wasn't at school Friday. I ended up leaving her a note about this K/1 split that she's been talking about. I already did my venting about this, so I won't rehash it, but I told her pretty much all my thoughts on the subject, and basically asked if I could just keep all of my babies, as to avoid the K/1 split. She said she would think about it. I'm hoping she'll take my suggestion, and use the new teacher position to make 2 1st grades, and 2 2nd grades.

I don't think I've posted about this yet, and I'm surprised I haven't. My wonderful parent volunteer, Ms. H., who has been helping me every single day, doing lots of "grunt" work, handling the homework packets, taking my kids to all their preps, etc... has YET to be paid one cent this school year!! (Maybe I'll post the whole story later.) She told me today that if the pay situation isn't resolved by the end of the week, she won't be returning after our fall intersession. OMG!!! I'm so upset about this. I wish to God I could find some money to pay her out of my own pocket. I was shocked (and, quite frankly, disgusted!) to find out that all Big Cheese had been paying her (and the other "volunteers") was $125 a week. WTF!! I can't believe she would work 35 hours a week for $125!!

I'm seriously trying to figure out a way to find this money. I've considered going back to working on Friday nights at the bar just to make the extra money to pay her. But, at the same time, I know this would kill me. I'm so torn about what to do. I've even considered talking to my dad to see if maybe his company would consider donating the funds to cover her pay. It would come to less than $5,000 for the whole school year. And, hey, they can write it off!

OK, I'm tempted to keep complaining, so instead, I'm going to go watch Night #1 of the Dancing with the Stars 3 Night Premier. woo hoo!


Ok, after reading the first few comments, I realize I should clarify something. We have two different kinds of "assistants" at school. There are 5 or 6 people who are "parent volunteers." This is not a true 'volunteer' position. There is a stipend involved, albeit a small one. I always thought it was around $5 or 6/hour. (Imagine my surprise when I realized most of them made less than $4/hour.) It's not the kind of "volunteering" your mom, or some of you, may have done in your child's classroom. It is essentially a job. A very low paying job....

Then, there are "instructional assistants" who must actually have some schooling. They make more money, I want to guess around $10-12/hour. Now, the real shame of it all is that the "volunteers" do about 100 times more work than the IAs. They have morning duty on the playground, lunchroom duty, hallway duty, after school duty outside, on top of helping in the classrooms. The IAs are almost all assigned to SpEd now, which means they do even LESS work than they used to, as they're supposed to be pushing in to classrooms and working with SpEd kids. Yeah, how convenient that no one actually knows where they're supposed to be at any given time. They essentially just walk around all day, pretending to be moving with their students. It's infuriating!

Anyway, that should clear up why the "volunteers" get paid. :)


Pissed Off said...

Wow, that is amazing.

I never heard of volunteers getting paid but I guess for what they are getting nothing anyway with that paltry amount.

As for paying her yourself, don't do it. It is a bad precedent to set. On the other hand, a corporate sponsor would be wonderful.

Busy Bee Suz said...

I volunteered many hours a week and was never paid. I thought that was what volunteering meant. If she wants a job, a paying job, she will go find one.
Sounds like you are not having much fun lately, and that is stinky. :0
I hope that maybe things will get better for you.
Lo is trying to decide a career path as we are looking at colleges. She says occasionally that she would like to teach...I don't want her to go through all the *@&% you do.

Jason, as himself said...

Big sigh. Yes. I know. Nodding head. Shaking head.

Lakeland Jo said...

what does the law say about what and when they should be paid? What a damned shame when she is such a help to you

Change for Good said...

The whole volunteer thing is very interesting at your school. In KY it is mandatory for K teachers to have a full time instructional assistant. That is the only grade where there is one.

I hope things work out for you with her. I know what it is like to find someone who is worth their weight in GOLD!

karen gerstenberger said...

I have to star with another CONGRATULATIONS! on your weight loss.

Some of our local school districts have a "support team" of parents/ locals or an endowment fund, and they hold fundraisers to support it. I wonder if you have any big-wigs locally, such as Oprah (or Gail), pro sports teams, TV stations, etc., who would like to donate or do a matching thing if you started such a fund. Brainstorming who your possible donors are, who is from ChiTown, whose family has benefited from its schools (Mr. President?), and being bold to ask are great places to begin. Ask and ye shall receive! GOOD LUCK!

Clippy Mat said...

you must go to new principal and tell her that you need the volunteer and that she should be paid. it would be awful if you lost the extra help, she's gold. but i don't think you should pay for her. ;-)

Clippy Mat said...

p.s. i mean, don't pay out of your OWN pocket but obviouly she's not a volunteer in the true sense of the word, she's a low paid worker, and deserves to be paid a decent wage because she does a good job!

Pissed Off said...

aren' there union issues involved in this? isn't she taking the job of a school aide?