Monday, September 28, 2009

Homecoming 2009

This past weekend was Homecoming. Stud Muffin took the girlfriend of one of his friends. (It was a favor to his friend. The friend had a family wedding, and couldn't go to Homecoming, but his girlfriend REALLY wanted to go, so he asked Stud to step in for him.)

How cute is this kid?!

This is his "GQ pose." Man, he's handsome!!This is the cute couple. We went to one of her friend's houses to take pictures before the dance.Here are all the adorable couples. Just the men.He was so funny when we were taking pictures. He didn't want to get too close, or even, God forbid, touch her!! That's his buddy's girl, after all! This was the closest I could get them to each other so I could get a picture.We stopped at his Best Bud's house before the dance. Stud was pretty upset that he decided not to attend Homecoming this year. I think this is the first school event they didn't go to together since Kindergarten!Stud has a thing for picking up his friends. Actually, they encourage it. It's still amazing how much bigger he is than them. I thought by now they would have caught up to him.
Someone at the dance took this one for me. (I sent my camera with his date.) So cute!
Another shot from the dance. Words can NOT express how very much


Katy said...

Aww, he's adorable! And what a gentleman too, not wanting to horn in on his friends girlfriend. You are raising a good man!

Daughter goes to homecoming in two weeks. With a DATE! Husband is already freaking the hell out. Good idea sending your camera, I might borrow that one!

Busy Bee Suz said...

He is so handsome. What a nice guy to step in for a friend. She looks so cute too and is beaming as well.
Oh, the good ol' days....

Persnickety Ticker said... handsome!

ModernMom said...

If I may...the love for your son is so evident! What a lovely post, adorable!

karen gerstenberger said...

First, Yes, he is very handsome indeed. Second, I love his humorous smile, which goes all the way to his eyes. Third, WHAT FUN to capture those moments with all of the kids. What good memories he is making, and Fourth, what a good friend he is, to be trustworthy enough to be asked to take such a pretty girl to the dance for his buddy! Thanks for sharing the fun with us. (P.S. His hair looks great - thanks, St. Baldrick's!)

ChiTown Girl said...

Aw, Karen, you gave me such joy reading your comments. I agree, he has just the most contagious smile, and yes, it goes all the way to his eyes!

He has actually had a haircut since the St. Baldrick's event. I had to get it cut the day before school started because it had extended past his ears. I only wish my hair grew as fast as his does!

The Girl Next Door said...

Good God Woman - the Stud Muffin is, well, A STUD MUFFIN. Awesome shots. No wonder you love that boy!