Tuesday, September 8, 2009

I'm back...

...from an awesome weekend away in Michigan with my boys. I did manage to burn myself to a freakin' crisp at the beach, but other than that, we had a great time. The boys managed to talk me into staying one more night, so we didn't get home until yesterday afternoon. The boys then asked ever so nicely if I'd drop them off at the mall on the way home, and I happily obliged. Then I went home and unloaded the car. I could only let them stay about 2 hours, though, because I had already made plans to meet up with my dad and brother for dinner. Originally, I wanted them to come over for a barbecue, but in the windup, I was glad my dad suggested we go to a restaurant because I was completely exhausted.

On the way to dinner, I stopped at the car wash and the boys vacuumed all the sand out of my car (and there was a lot!) and then washed all the dead bugs off the exterior. They did a hell of a job! After dinner, we hung out at my dad's for a while, but after Stud Muffin's friend was picked up, we headed home because he had homework. My brother came over, and we did some work for the bar. It ended up being a late night, which made for a very difficult morning, let me tell you. Stud was almost 15 minutes late for school, and I was late for work. Way to start a week!!

School wasn't so bad today, to tell the truth. It surely helped that I had 6 babies absent. And, believe it or not, I did not get even ONE new student today. That is just shocking!! We thought for sure we'd get a big influx of new students after the holiday, but I don't think we got any. I'm not really complaining, I guess, but I was hoping for about 10 so we could open that second kindergarten. And, without the no-shows on my list, I'm down to 32 children who have actually been sitting in front of me every day. That's probably not enough for New Principal to agree to half-day. But, it's still FAR too many to have in a kindergarten class. I'm going to talk to her tomorrow and do a little begging. Imagine how awesome it would be to have two classes of 16 each! I would be able to get twice as much done! Send positive thoughts my way for that conversation, please. :)

I finally started our new reading program today. Hey, it's only the 5th week of school, don't rush me!! Truthfully, before this point, they weren't really ready for it. Plus, I didn't even get my stuff until last Wednesday!! I'm still missing a substantial portion of the program, but I have enough to start. The babies did a great job today, so let's hope this trend continues.

I met with some girls from work for dinner tonight after school, which was a great way to end the day. Now, I'm ready to put my jammies on, crawl into bed, and watch some mindless television. I hope you all had as wonderful a holiday weekend as I did!!


Busy Bee Suz said...

It has to catch up with you eventually...all the going going going.
How does an italian burn to a crisp? I thought that was illegal.

karengberger said...

That sounds like a wonderful weekend. SO glad that you got a chance to get away, and then enjoy some more good family time when you got home. Stud sounds like a very responsible, helpful, mature young man.
I am sending positive thoughts to you for your conversation with the Principal. You know your subject, and I hope she can "hear" you. Blessings to you & Stud!

karengberger said...

Dear ChiTown: BMOC = Big Man On Campus. You may be TOO YOUNG for that OLD expression, since you're still under 50! HAhaHAha! Have a great evening!

Change for Good said...

I hope the conversation goes well with the principal. You are doing a GREAT job!!!

ChiTown Girl said...

Suz - it's takes a special kind of STUPID to get the kind of burn I got!! And, you're right, normal Italians don't burn, which is why I never remember to put on sunscreen. :( The fact that I avoid the sun like the plague is probably why I burn, huh?