Tuesday, September 1, 2009

OK, the honeymoon's over...

Today, it was back to business as usual. All but 2 of the babies came to school today, so it was a crowded house. The babies were ok for most of the morning, but apparently lunch was a disaster. When I met Ms. H. in the hall after lunch, she was quite frazzled, and told me how awful they were during lunch. As a matter of fact, later in the day, I realized I didn't have my snacks for snack time. I thought maybe Ms. H. had forgotten them in the lunch room, or set them down somewhere and forgot them. Well, I came to find out that she purposely left them in the lunchroom because they were so bad, she didn't feel they deserved the treats. Good for you, Ms. H. (Unfortunately, our snack every day since school started has been cookies. Not very nutritious, huh? I think we're going to have to start saving their fruit instead, so I can at least feel they're getting a healthy snack in the afternoon. The cookies can go home with them.) I hope now the babies will realize that Ms. H. is to be respected in the same way that I, and every other adult, should be.

I'm a bit confused about what will be happening tomorrow. You may remember that I was recently out for two days for some professional development for our new reading series. Well, there is a third day of PD, which is to be conducted at our school. The day that was scheduled for that is tomorrow. I had forgotten all about it until the clerk asked me this morning if I needed a sub for tomorrow. Now, our reading coach never mentioned anything to me about this PD happening tomorrow, so I don't know if it's going to happen. As far as I know, there will be two subs coming tomorrow, but I don't know if we'll actually need them. Plus, on top of that, I didn't prepare anything for the sub, if I do have one. Normally, I'd be able to get things ready in the morning, but Wednesday is our staff meeting morning, so I won't even be able to do that. I think I may go in early tomorrow, since I don't have to drive Stud to school, and get things ready. Even if I don't need it for tomorrow, I'll have a sub folder ready for an emergency.

One more little tidbit about the new schedule, which is still a work in progress. Today, Ms. H. was asked by New Principal to take a sheet around to certain teachers (they were marked on the sheet) to have them sign up for a slot in the computer lab. Up until the new schedule came out yesterday, computer lab was one of our preps. We didn't technically have a teacher in there, but there was an assistant who "ran" the lab. Now, that assistant has been pulled to work with SpEd students, so computers in no longer a prep. If we choose to take our class to the lab, we will need to stay with them.

Ms. H. and I gave a lot of thought to which slot we were going to take, and we decided we would take the last period on Friday. We will be going straight to computers from gym class. That's the perfect way to end the week. From 1:20-2:40, I will essentially be doing nothing with the babies. Hopefully that means I will be able to work on lesson plans, thus freeing up my weekend (you know, to work at the bar!!). Actually, we probably will go back to our room at 2:30 so we can get ready to go home, but still, it'll be nice. Last year's babies used to love going on PBS Kids and another awesome website called Starfall. So, that's what we'll be doing on Fridays!

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