Thursday, September 10, 2009

How is there still ONE MORE DAY this week!?

Why is it that short weeks always feel sooooo loonngg? :(

New Principal keeps surprising me. This morning, a lovely woman named Mrs. M. came to my room, introduced herself, and told me she was going to be with me for the morning. Woo hoo!! Apparently, she is a displaced teacher, and now goes school to school as a sub. (Another post for another day!) I later saw New Principal when I picked the babies up on the playground, and she let me know that Mrs. M. will be with me every morning that she can get her here. Again, woo hoo!

I had big plans to use her to do some small group work, but as luck would have it, our day was it's usual cluster-fucky-Hell-Hole kind of day. Right in the middle of singing our favorite morning song, little M.H., who was standing directly in front of me, proceeded to vomit all over my beautiful new(ish) carpet! Some of you may recall how I feel about vomit. (In a nutshell, I don't do puke!! I used to call CSJ in the middle of the night when Stud got sick, so he could drive all the way from his house to mine, just to clean it up. I DON'T DO PUKE!)

Anyway, a few minutes after the whole puke-isode was over, our wonderful assistant principal, Mr. H., came in and asked if I would be willing to bring my babies down the hall for a photo op with some guys who donated a large quantity of supplies to the Hell-Hole. Anything for Mr. H.! That basically blew the rest of our morning.

By the time we finished taking pictures, it was time for the bathroom and lunch. Mrs. H. was called away just as we were leaving for the bathroom, so I had to take all of them by myself. That translates into a 20 minute loss of time, making us late for lunch. The rest of the day kinda just stayed on this path.

At one point this afternoon, New Principal made an announcement over the intercom about some teachers being called down to the office. She said if we got called, to come immediately. Well, about 2 minutes later, guess who got called down? I walked into her office, and she had the screen pulled up on her computer for our online grading system. She turned, looked at it, and said, "I don't see any grades here on your gradebook for progress reports." I said, "Well, that's because kindergarten doesn't have progress reports." Her first facial expression was confusion, which was immediately replaced by a knowing look, and a "Oh, that's right! You're kindergarten!" I then got a HUGE smile, and a "Ok, bye!" It was kinda cute!

I was more than ready to get the hell out of Dodge at 2:45! I actually managed to get the kiddos out the door about a minute before the bell rang, which meant I got to the office just as the bell was ringing, which meant I could swipe out and leave! Yay! I think He knew what a craptastic day I had, so He decided to clear traffic a bit for me on the way home. I walked in my front door at 3! I NEVER get home that early! (Since it's Thursday, my MIL picked up Stud, which saved me at least a half hour in the car. Thanks, Ma!!!)

I'm so happy tomorrow is Friday! I hope Mrs. M. is able to come back, because I have big plans for her. She was actually a kindergarten teacher before she was displaced, so I plan to call on her expertise and knowledge to get me through my day. :)


Clippy Mat said...

and yay for mrs. m.

Busy Bee Suz said...

Great news for a helper. Bad news for puke. ;(

Anonymous said...

Puke drills are right in there with fire drills in my class. I teach them to try to get it into the trash, the toilet, the sink, ANYPLACE but the floor or tables, etc. Cuz sooner or later, someone WILL puke. I can't take it either. I see it, hear it, smell it, I tend to contribute. One year I had a aide who thought THAT was hilarious...... don't know why.

Kindergarten gradebook, you are lucky. They still expect us to do it like everyone else. When you try to show them why it doesn't make sense, they act like they don't get it. And you should see the weekly writing prompt kindergarten is supposed to respond to next week. "Write a letter to President Obama about a law you want him to change."
Right...... Let see half my class still have no clue how to write their names......(heck, some of them aren't even sure WHAT their name is)

Anonymous said...

And you are right, for a 4 day week this one sure has been long.