Wednesday, September 23, 2009

For Auntie KBL

Thank God Buster is now just about completely deaf. I just HAD to get my camera out when I saw how completely adorable he looked sleeping on his bed the other day. When he was young (and could hear!) just me walking near him would have woken him up. Look at his little paw under his head. How freakin' cute is he?!Ok, time for an introduction. Meet my fur nephew! My brother rescued this little booger a couple of months ago. How stinkin' cute is HE?! He's a pit-mix, and his name is Pootz (rhymes with boots). He met Buster for the first time this past Sunday. Overall, it went pretty well.My brother was afraid to get them together because Buster is so old, and Pootz is so young. He didn't think Buster would want to be bothered with him. There were a few tense moments, and I was afraid one of them was going to bite the other, but it all worked out.
After a little while, they made nice. :) They spent a good part of the evening fighting over my feet!! Buster always insists on laying on my feet when I sit at the table, and sure enough, Pootz decided he needed to do the exact same thing. They kept nudging each other off my feet, and switching positions.Buster even shared his food and water with his cousin. Isn't that sweet?
I took about 100 more pictures of them, but I didn't want to bore you with them. However, if you're curious, and have some time to kill, you can see them here. Don't mind the AWFUL stairs! That's the only thing left to do in the big basement remodel. I didn't realize how horrible they looked until I watched this slideshow. :(


Coll said...

Don't know if its me or you, but I didn't see the slide show......

Also, although I'm your friend, I don't quite qualify as a "blogosphere friend", so would you mind explaining the "KBL" in today's title? ;- )

Busy Bee Suz said...

Buster looks so darn cute. So is Pootz. I am glad they got along, sometimes bringing a young dog around the older guys makes the geriatric perk up a bit!!
Kudos to your Brother for rescuing this cutie.

C said...

i LOVE dogs! they are so cute, cheech.. rub them and kiss them and nuzzle them for me, wouldya?



karen gerstenberger said...

Cute dogs - fun to see!