Thursday, September 24, 2009

Jumping for Joy

This was me at 2:45 this afternoon. Tomorrow is a teacher institute day, so I won't have to see my little darlings again for 18 days!! Woo-freakin'-hoo!!!! I'm seriously considering taking tomorrow off, just so I don't have to sit through 6 hours of boring meetings. Then again, I hate to "waste" a sick day on a day when the kids aren't even there. I suppose I'll muddle through....
Ms. C., one of our clerks, let me know today that, despite being told by New Principal that I could attend the Kindergarten Conference in December, it's not gonna happen. Someone was in today from central office to do a major audit of our books. (Surprise, surprise!) Apparently, there is no money available for outside PD right now. I'll be honest, I was very disappointed. I'm considering just paying for it myself, and taking a couple of sick days. It's just over $300 for the two days. I have time to decide, I suppose, since it's still months away.
The end of the day was a bit bittersweet today. After Ms. H. made up little goodie bags for the babies, and gave them out, she gave me a BIG hug, and told me to have a great break. I'm going to be so sad when we get back from break. Oh, and I didn't mention yet that I, more than likely, won't be getting Ms. M. (the displaced teacher who has been helping me) back either after break. While we're out the next two weeks, she'll be subbing somewhere else, so there's no guarantee she'll be back at the Hell-Hole. It more likely than not that she won't be back.
Late in the afternoon, a letter was sent out for the kids to take home letting parents know that some major changes will be happening when we return from break. If I were a parent in this neighborhood, I would be getting more than a little perturbed. How many times are these kids going to have to change rooms/teachers in one school year!? Then again, 90% of our parents don't even read these notices and have NO FREAKIN' CLUE what the hell is going on at school. It's pretty standard that when a parent comes to school for any reason (parent conference, early dismissal, etc.) they haven't got a CLUE what room their child is in, or even who the teacher is. Hell, half the time, they don't even know what GRADE their kids is in!! Argh!
As I was dismissing the babies, I was, naturally, giving them all hugs and kisses, telling them I'd miss them (what a liar!!), and I'd see them in two weeks. There was a parent out there listening, and she turns to me and says, "Uh, why there ain't no school for two weeks?!" Um, ok biz-nitch, where have YOU been the past 7 weeks!!!!!? Even after I told her it was Fall Intersession, she just looked at me like I was crazy and says, "Yeah, but why?" In my head, I said, "Get the fuck out of my face, you stupid crack whore!" But, my teacher face said, "Well, that's because we are on a year-round schedule now. That's why we came back to school 7 weeks ago, instead of after Labor Day like other schools." Even I was impressed with myself for saying it with a smile and a calm voice. My inner voice was still spewing nastiness, of course.
Time to get caught up on some laundry, since it's a big TV night for me tonight. Grey's Anatomy premiers tonight! Woo hoo!! Hell, I may even bake something to share tomorrow, since it's been so gloriously cool here in ChiTown lately. :)
*Thanks, Suz, for letting me steal my title from you today! :)
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Busy Bee Suz said...

You need to use Live writer to avoid the spacing issues. :)
Happy semi-vacation!!!

Katy said...

OMG, I cannot even imagine having a kid in your school let alone WORKING there. Why don't you move out here and work at our neighborhood elementary school that made $40,000 at the last PTO auction? We would LOVE a wonderful kindergarten teacher like you!!!

Big hugs and some good working/student/school vibes to you girlfriend!

Change for Good said...

Blogger deletes my spacing too!!!

I am so jealous about the three weeks off....although I can't think of one person who deserves it more than you!!!!

ChiTown Girl said...

Whoa,whoa, Change, it's only TWO weeks off, not three. Let's now get carried away now! ;-)