Friday, September 18, 2009

Finally Friday

I know I broke my own rule yesterday, and didn't post, but I had a busy afternoon, then met my graduate school friends for our monthly dinner. (little side story here- they decided to go to Olive Garden, which is the LAST place I would have picked since I haven't eaten bread or pasta since June. Usually, we meet here at my house, but they wanted to give me a break, and I truly appreciate that. Anyway, Stud's best bud came with us, and when I told him where we were going, he says, "Well, just be careful, cuz the last time we went there, the waiter tried to keep my mom's credit card." We all laughed, then went to dinner. Well, guess what!! This afternoon, I went to place a Scholastic book order online for my babies, and I couldn't find my credit card!! Mother Scratcher!!!!! [yes, I'm TRYING to curb my potty mouth, ok!] The jackass who waited on us never gave me my card back. AND, he totally sucked as a waiter!!! Assbag!!)

Anyway, when we came home, I let the boys build a fire in the firepit, and they helped me clean out my file cabinet. I had paperwork from 2000 in there! Jeez! I need Oprah to send someone to clean up this pig sty! By the time Best Bud went home, and we came inside, I was too pooped to post. And, yes, I realize none of you really give a rat's ass whether I posted yesterday or not, I just need to justify it to myself for breaking my own rule.

New Principal must have been at a meeting all day, because she never came to school. She called me in to her office, again, yesterday. She asked where my lesson plans were, which was one of the things she asked me the other day. I told her then that they were on my desk, and that I would bring them to the office, which I did. I put them in her mailbox. Guess where they still were? The only stuff in her box were my lesson plans, and a bunch of brochures for workshops that I'd like to attend. I had asked her a few weeks ago about them, and she gave them back to me with a note saying, "Remind me again in 2 weeks." So, I figured, what the heck, I'll bring them to her again.

She flipped through the pile, and asked which one I'd really like to go to. I told her I would really like to attend the Conference for Illinois Kindergarten Teachers. I've wanted to go to this for years, but it's always been somewhere up north, and as some of you know, I only sign up for conferences at the Hilton near my house. (Makes it much easier to ditch!) But, this one, I do NOT plan to ditch. I'm seriously excited about this. I wasn't sure if New Principal would go for it because it's two days long, which also means it's more money than a one day conference. When she asked, I told her I'd really like to go to this one, but I realize it's two days. She said, "That's fine." I said, "Well, it's also more expensive because it's two days." She said, "Oh, that's fine." Hmmm...whatta ya know.

The only 'bad' thing is, the conference isn't until December. Then again, thanks to our new year-round schedule, we only have 9 days of school in December, only 8 of those with the kids. The conference would mean one less day with the kids for me, but the second day of the conference falls on a professional development day. That's great because we won't need to pay a sub! I'll have to be sure to let her know on Monday about this. Man, December is going to fly by!!

Only 4 more days with the babies until our fall intersession!!! Gee, do you think I'm a little excited? tee hee! I actually grabbed my school calendar while typing this, and I had really better stop complaining about school. I just realized that between now and Christmas break, we only have 2 full weeks of school. Every single other week, we have at least one day off, or one day without the kids. Wow!! That's awesome!

Oh, one last little thing...Stud Muffin is FINALLY driving!!! I don't even know if I had mentioned this here before, but he's had this weird aversion to driving, despite having his permit since July. But, Monday he drove home from my parents'. Yesterday, he drove to his Best Bud's house, then he drove HOME from the Olive Garden!!! On busy streets and everything!!! I was quietly dying in my seat, but he did great. I hope this trend continues. Illinois recently changed the requirements for teens to get their licences, and now they need to have 50 hours of driving practice with their parents (or other drivers that are over 21) outside of the driving they do in drivers' ed class. Before Monday, he had a collective total of 20 minutes since July!! He's finally reached the one hour mark, so hey, only 49 to go!! As long as he's able to drive me to the old folks home....


jlo said...

Why, oh why do you only have 2 full weeks of school? We don't get a fall break until Thanksgiving. I think I might need to move to Chicago!! :)

Clippy Mat said...

mother scratcher??
you ARE a reformed character.
and no bread or pasta since JUNE? wow. no wonder you're dropping those pounds. i wondered what your secret was. well done!
hope you didn't get shafted with credit card rip offs.