Monday, August 31, 2009

Wait, are you sure it's Monday?

I can't believe I'm gonna say this, but today wasn't so bad! I don't know if the babies were sleepy because it's Monday, but they were pretty calm today. At least for the greater part of the day. Oh, and I had 5 absent, and one went home right after lunch because he didn't feel well. That made a WORLD of difference!!

When I walked in this morning, I checked my mailbox like I do every morning, and low and behold, yet ANOTHER revised prep schedule!! So, naturally I grab it and say, "What the hell?! It changed AGAIN!?" I then hear New Principal's voice behind me say, "Yes, and it will probably change a few more time til we get it right." I almost peed my pants. But, luckily, she didn't seem offended by my rude comment. As a matter of fact, I was looking at the schedule while standing over near her at the counter and was talking aloud to myself, wondering if any of my preps were changed. She quickly leaned forward and said, with a smile, "Well, yes, you now have 5 preps." I said, "Oh, we're back to 5 preps!" to which she replied, "Oh, no. YOU have 5 preps. You're the only one. But, you're also the only one with 37 kindergartners. So, if anyone has a problem with that, tell them to come see ME." HOLY CRAP!!!! I said, "Well I'M not going to say anything to anyone!" Woo-freakin'-hoo! Way to go, New Principal!

I hit the trifecta today. After I got home from school, I decided I would try accessing the code for my radio online again. Again, I got the error message. I figured, what the hell, I'll try the 1-800 number. I got this awesome guy named Michael on the line, who talked me through how to find my serial number. He was then able to give me the code, and after just a very few minutes, BOOM! I had a radio!! Yay!!!!! I immediately went in the house and grabbed a stack of my favorite CDs. :)

After Stud went with his dad, I hit Wal-Mart, my home away from home, and while I was shopping, my sister called from Italy (Did I mention that she left last Friday to visit my mom for a couple weeks?) and we talked for almost an hour. I ended up losing almost 3 hours at Wal-Mart (not the first time, won't be the last...). I decided to drive past my dad's on the way home, and I was surprised to see my favorite uncle's car in his driveway. Naturally, I had to stop in and say hi. He stopped there on his way home from Michigan. He'll be going back, though, on Thursday, so he'll be there with us over the weekend. Now, I'm even more excited about going. The fact that I'll be driving my new ride is the cherry on the top!! (Oh, and I came home with a bag of yummy peaches that my uncle brought home from peach picking in Michigan. I'll be enjoying those for breakfast the rest of the week!)

Last little thing, since I'm on a roll here with the great things about today. The weather here has been in the 60 for about a week now. Tonight, it's in the 50s. I'm happier than a pig in shit, that's for sure!!! I wish it were like this ALL YEAR!!! It's supposed to hit almost 80 by the weekend, but we won't even be here. I'm going to have to see what the weather is going to be in Saugatuck. I'm afraid that the boys won't be able to hit the beach. :( Although, they're so crazy, they probably wouldn't care if was only in the 70s. I hope the boys have a good time this weekend. I just hope I have a restful weekend. :)


Change for Good said...

What is your union situation like? We get a required amount of planning that they cannot take away. (Of course they still try to stuff them full of meetings, etc. BUT)

I am really ready for this long weekend! :) This is always my favorite weekend because I am tired from the beginning of the school year stuff.

miss r said...

Good job, new principal! Glad to hear there are some highlights in your day. You are putting up with so much.