Friday, April 18, 2008

Open wide....

Well, the gyne appointment actually went well. That's especially nice cuz the morning started out kinda sucky! I woke up with the same migraine I went to bed with last night. Still have it right now, actually. Anyway, woke up in pain, then had to get the 'pain' I gave birth to out of bed. Trust me, it wasn't pretty. It involved LOTS of yelling, which is bad enough when I don't have a migraine. Needless to say, he was 10 minutes late for school. AGAIN!

From there, I headed over to the Hilton to sign in and leave. Or, so I thought. Weeks ago, I gave the woman in the office, who handles the $, the registration papers for this workshop. Last week, I asked her if she sent everything in, etc., and she said, oh yeah, I'm gonna do it right now. Oookkkk....this past Wednesday, I stopped in her office and asked again. She holds up the papers and says, oh, I'm doing it right now! Yeah....last night, as I was walking out of school at 6:30, I asked for the third time, she says, yeah, I told you I did it.

So, that takes us to this morning. I walk in to the Hilton at about 8:15, thinking I'll be back out in my car by 8:20. No such luck. Surprise, surprise, my name wasn't on the list!! I was tempted to just say 'screw it' and walk back out. But, I realized I'd better have something to show I was there, just in case. I signed in, but then was told I needed to call this stupid woman at school and get the P.O. number from when she supposedly paid. First, I couldn't get a signal in the building, so I had to go outside. Then, I get Ms. M. on the phone, and she puts me on hold for 10 minutes. Then, she comes back and says that she put it through, but the Big Cheese never ok'd it. Ugh!!! She said she was going to go look for him, and call me back. So, I sat like a big ass in the lobby of the Hilton waiting for about 15 minutes, then called back. Long story already too long, she finally gave me the number, which I promptly gave to the girl at the table and then left. However, I'm about 90% certain she realized I was leaving cuz, duh! Everyone else was already in the conference room! It was much easier to blend into the crowd when there WAS one! Whatever!

I then had to rush to get to my gyne on time, which I did, and was in and out in less than a half hour! That's never happened before. Then again, I've never gone during the day before, either. This was awesome! I went to the bar from there, since my doctor's office is all the way out in BuFu, just like the bar, and I met my brother. We went to lunch, then did some banking, then I came home to change, maybe lie down for this migraine for a while, and then head back out in a bit. I have a hair appointment tonight, then I'll be going to the bar to work. I'm already exhausted. I figured I'd better post now, since I'm hoping to nap, and then there won't be time later.

OK, one last thing (especially for my Cali friends!!)...we had a damn EARTHQUAKE here this morning! Oh, yes we did!! Thank God I slept right through it, but it woke my poor sister up out of a sound sleep. I believe it was a 5.2, which is pretty big, especially for the freakin' midwest. The epicenter was in downstate Illinois, but it was felt all the way downtown. If any of my Chicago friends felt it, or have a story, PLEASE share!! It's been an absolutely gorgeous day here today. It's in the 70s (the bank said 79 earlier, but I find that hard to believe) and sunny. I have all the windows open in my house, and I'm planning to take a little siesta under the open window, feeling the warm spring breeze. Have a great weekend!!
I used to sleep nude - until the earthquake. ---Alyssa Milano

You and me both, Girl!!


Fragmentadora de Papel said...
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KBL 2 ORD 2 SAN said...

Earthquakes are a piece of cake. It's the wildfires you should be afraid of! :-)

I hope your migraine is better by today. One of my gal pals suffers from them too and they can be awful. My thoughts are with you!

Miles To Go Before I Sleep...... said...

I just saw the comment you left on my blog (I'm a big dork!) :-) thank you for watching and I look forward to reading your blog too :-)