Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Is it possible to actually be THIS tired?

After the late night Sunday, and my very 'shweepy" Monday, I have yet to catch up on my much needed beauty sleep. After that lame post, for some reason, I couldn't fall asleep, despite being completely exhausted. I finally turned my TV off somewhere between 1:30-2:00, so I did manage to get a couple of hours of sleep. But now, after last night's festivities, I am completely wiped out. I stayed at the bar until about 2:30, got home around 3, and slept for about 3 hours before I was up and in the shower. Now, keep in mind, we were noshing all night long on all the yummies I put out for the wine tasting (a huge wheel of brie, with 4 different kinds of crackers, grapes and strawberries, pita chips, bruschetta, sea salt toasts, a homemade cheeseball that one of our guests brought [in a martini glass, no less!] and cheesecake bites [raspberry white chocolate chip, turtle and plain, which was awesome with a strawberry on top!] I had also picked up a huge veggie tray w/dip and a 3-pack of different flavored Alouette, but we didn't put them out because we realized we went a bit overboard. Plus some of the guests came to the bar straight from dinner!). We were still eating at 2 am! Needless to say, I went to bed with a tummy ache, and woke up with a TUMMY ACHE! I almost made myself throw up while brushing my teeth. I actually thought it might make me feel better, but I couldn't make myself do it.

My stomach was so bad, I didn't even stop for my morning coffee, since I thought it might make me feel worse. Well, by not having my usually caffeine boost in the morning, I was really dragging. I didn't even get a Diet Coke at lunch because my stomach was still icky. By the time school ended, I was ready to crash. Too bad, though, cuz I had to rush straight home to pick up Buster, since it was Wednesday and all, and rush to the vet's. While we were there, I realized Buster started his spring shed (apparently today!) and was making my black pants look like a throw rug! He gets so weird at the vet, and insists on rubbing up against me, much like a cat. I thought I was going to kill him! It would have been bad enough that he was covering me with hair, but I knew I had to rush home from the vet to drop him off and get my behind over to my son's school for Parents' Club. Ugh! I was mortified! There wasn't time to even run in and change, I just put Buster in the yard, yelled for my son to let him in, and took off, hairy black pants and all!

Well, I'm just getting home, it's nearly 9, and I haven't eaten all day. I think I'm just too tired. I think I'm gonna just go to bed! I'm feeling a little guilty, though, because I had told my brother I would come to the bar after Parents' Club to do some work. I need to go program the new registers that arrived yesterday. I ended up calling him when I came out of the meeting and told him I'd come straight from school tomorrow. I just hope it doesn't turn into another late night....
Even if you're tired, it's a joy being with children. You have to give all the time, but you can't complain. It has its rewards. ---Tom Berenger

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Smileygirl said...

You need to be cloned in order to keep up with all the places you need to be and things you need to do. I hope things settle down a bit for you.

Don't get sick!