Monday, April 28, 2008

Chocolate covered strawberries...

...are a treat straight from heaven!! I made some tonight for dessert for my son and I to enjoy, and enjoy we did!! I used Ghirardelli chocolate, so they were extra yummy.
School was a trip as always today. One of my parents keeps bringing up my birthday (which is next week) and she keeps telling me she's having a party for me. I'll be out next Tuesday for jury duty (oh joy!) and she thinks that's my birthday. It's actually Thursday (so I'll be taking Friday off!) so I'm hoping maybe she'll let it go. However, she did mention today that she's bringing shots of tequila for me that day, so I just may have to let her throw me a party. haha! Aren't my parents hilarious!! Would your parents EVER have told your teacher that they were going to bring tequila to school for her birthday?!?! Ah, gotta love Englewood!
At least next week will be a very short week for me. I really do have jury duty on Tuesday, and I'll be out Friday for a "workshop." How convenient for me!! That means I can celebrate Cinco de Mayo late into the evening on Monday, and that I can celebrate my birthday all night Thursday. Nice, huh? I'm trying to keep from having a nervous breakdown, since this year is a BIG one.
A diplomat is a man who always remembers a woman's birthday, but never remembers her age. ---Robert Frost

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