Monday, April 7, 2008

Hmmm...maybe tonight will be the night I can get some sleep!

I just walked in the door from the bar, it's 9:30ish, and this is the earliest I've been home in ages. So rather than sitting here for an hour filling you in on things, I'm going to just cut and paste from an email I sent a friend this afternoon, describing what the past week or so has been like for me. Some of the info may be repeated from last week's posts, so I apologize if it's redundant.

Since I've completely moved away from this being my "school" blog, I'm feeling very guilty. Let me just share this to ease my conscience. Today, one of the little darlings in my class flipped my off. Oh, yes she did!!! God, I LOVE the Hell-Hole!!! Actually, one of the reasons I've been writing so much 'personal' stuff is that I've reached a level of hatred and disgust for the Hell-Hole, and most especially for the Big Cheese, that is so high, I just don't want to think about it when I'm home these days. I can't give any more of myself to all this negative crap, especially as thin as I've been spread these days. On that note, here's the scoop:

My weekend was BUSY!!!! I have been running on fumes for over two weeks now. I can't remember the last time I was so completely physically, mentally and emotionally drained. Oh, wait, yeah I can. Right after L was born! Things really picked up speed with the bar a couple of weeks ago (permits FINALLY coming in, licences acquired, furniture arriving, liquor ordered, etc., etc., etc...) so we have been working 'round the clock for weeks now. Last week, we basically decided we'd be able to have a "soft open," as my brother keeps calling it, by the weekend. Let me go back, and remind you that I had a major fundraiser to run on Saturday night for L's school, which left me exhausted on Sunday. Sunday night, we set up all the furniture, except the stools, since they weren't there yet. We had to wipe everything down and clean all the surfaces of EVERYTHING, since we still have construction dust settling. I think I left there at about 2:30 am. Unfortunately, while I was working, I managed to drink three giant 32 oz Diet Cokes, so I could NOT fall asleep for the life of me!! I finally turned the TV off at 4:30, but then just tossed and turned until my alarm went off at 6:00.

Monday, I went there again, and got home after midnight. Again, couldn't fall asleep, finally dozed off around 2:30, up again at 6! Tuesday afternoon, the bar stools arrived, and Tuesday night, one of the liquor reps offered to do a wine tasting, at no cost to us, at the bar. We quickly invited family and a few friends on Monday night (talk about NO notice) and as they walked in, we handed them razor blades and told them to start unwrapping stools!! It was actually pretty funny! The wine tasting was fun, but alas, I was there AGAIN until after 2:30 am!!!

Wednesday, up at 6, loonnggg stressful day with the kiddos, then straight from school home to pick up the dog, straight to the vet, spend an hour or so there, straight home with just enough time to literally throw the dog in the yard, yell for L to let him in, and then off the L's school for a Parents' Club meeting. Ran the meeting, met with the principal, and got home around 9:30. Despite still not having eaten all day, I was just too tired to worry about it. I did a few chores (dishes, laundry), made L's lunch, and got to bed around 11:30ish. Out of habit, I turned on the TV, and caught the end of Jimmy Kimmel's 1000th Show extravaganza (I adore Jimmy Kimmel!) so I ended up watching, then at midnight when it ended I was all set to turn off the television, only to get immediately hooked by Oprah (wretched woman!!) because she had on the "man" who is pregnant. I ended up watching the whole darn show! So, there we were again, up past 1 am!

Thursday, I went to the bar straight from school, worked my butt off, so that we could open on Friday. Friday afternoon, again I went straight from school, finished up a few last-minute things, made a run to the grocery store for a couple of things we forgot (like pineapple juice, half and half, and so on) then back to the bar to wait for the crowds! When 5:00 rolled around, my brother, sister and I were just sitting there with baited breath, but we were sitting alone. No worries, we didn't even tell anyone we were open. We figured that when people stopped by to ask if we were open yet (as they did no less than 10 times a night for the past 6 months!) we'd finally be able to say "Yes! Come on in!" And that moment finally happened about 6:30ish.

The sweetest couple came in and were our first customers. Within about 15-20 minutes, a few more people wandered in, and things were lookin' good. My brother and I had talked about getting dinner, but then when people started coming in, we were so busy socializing, I never left to get anything. Finally, around 8:30, I figured I'd better go, since business was picking up, and I knew we had to eat for energy! My sister and I left, we picked up sushi for M and me, and Al's Beef for her, then went back to the bar by 9:00. We were shocked when we pulled up. The place was jam-packed!! Every bar stool around the bar, and every table was filled with people, as well as one of the couches. YAY!!! Friday was a smashing success! Sadly, my brother didn't get to eat until after 10, and even then he only was able to grab quick bites here and there. Poor baby!

We ended up staying open until 2:00, although most of the people cleared out about 11:30 or so. Then my brother and I and our cousin sat around BSing until about 2:30 while we cleaned. We went to breakfast from there, and I pulled in my driveway around 4am. That wouldn't have been so bad if I didn't have to be up Saturday morning to go to a fundraising event for the Teachers' Union.

It seemed like my head had just hit the pillow, when my doorbell started ringing at 9:00, and my friend from school was at my house to go to the bowling alley. We ended up being at the bowling alley much later than I anticipated, which put me behind the rest of the afternoon. I was hosting a Pampered Chef party Saturday night, which originally was supposed to be at my house (kind of a 'come see the basement, now that the floor is finally finished' thing) but my brother suggested during the wine tasting party that I hold it at the bar. I've already gone on too long, so let me just say, it was fun. Friends I wasn't expecting showed up, which is always a great treat. The PC party was winding down around 8:30ish, and I was getting nervous because there really hadn't been anyone stopping in to ask if we were open. I had to keep reminding myself that people don't go out early on Saturday night. My fears were eased at around 9:00, when the throngs of people started arriving!! Again, a packed house!! Saturday was great! The place was filled with family and friends, as well as friendly strangers who just happened by.

As successful as the first two nights were, I can't imagine what it's going to be like when we actually have the grand opening, and let people know we're open! With no announcement, no advertising, no nuthin' we managed to pack the house two nights in a row. I made the executive decision to stay closed last night. Worked out great, since I didn't pull into my driveway until 5:15 Sunday morning!! We all slept in, then my brother, sister and I went out for dinner last night and then headed over to the bar. We went under the pretense of getting some work done, but all we managed to do was hang out, listening to music, squeezing in a little singing and dancing, and just basking in the glory of opening weekend. I'm so happy for my brother, and for my family. I'm completely convinced now that Intimo is going to be a raging success.

OK, it's 10:00, and I'm going to hit the sack. I just may be able to actually get 8 hours in tonight!!

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