Thursday, January 31, 2008

I'm In The Loop!

Well, as you know, I totally played hooky today. And I had a BLAST! My friend and I went to watch In The Loop at the beautiful NBC Tower in downtown Chicago. Her friend is one of the producers of the show. Thanks to her, we were given the VIP treatment all morning! It was great. After the show, not only did I get to meet Kim Coles, I got a great big bear hug from her! She said she wanted to give us extra love because she loved M (my friend's friend!) She then gave me another squeeze when she heard we were CPS teachers.

We went to meet one of my cousins for lunch who works across the street from the studio (that was an added bonus for me!) and then went back for a second show. They were taping tomorrow's show today, and it was a Super Bowl show. This one was even better than the first one. They had a football player on (Danny Clark?) to do a cooking segment with Bill, and it was hilarious!! I wonder how much of it they're going to edit out for tomorrow. They set fire to the pot they were cooking in, for Pete's sake! Then Bill managed to dump a pot of spaghetti out onto a platter and all over the counter. Boys! That's why they should stay the hell out of the kitchen! Ooo, and Taylor Dayne was on the show promoting her new album. She performed twice, actually. It was so much fun.

The only "downside," although that's a strong word, is that when I got home and watched today's episode online, I noticed that our faces got waayyy to much airtime. It wouldn't be a big deal if we weren't blowing off work, but we were! The funny thing is, M made a point of introducing us to every single person who worked on the show, including the camera men, so one of them kept putting the camera in our faces. I'm sure he thought it was a nice thing to do, cuz he didn't know we were ditching work. Oh well! I can't wait to watch tomorrow's show when I get home. The show airs here live at 11:00,but at 3:00 you can access it on the web. I almost watched it at school, since I had to go back for my after school program, but I thought that might be pushing it a bit.

This was the best school day I've had all year!! We've already made arrangements with M to come back on Monday, February 11. She told us it's going to be a BIG giveaway day. Yay! Luckily that's our next teacher institute day, so the kids are off anyway. Today we got some Garrett's Popcorn (those of you from Chitown know what a huge deal that is!) a book by Kim Lyons from The Biggest Loser, and a bracelet from Not bad, huh?

Yikes! The season premier of LOST is starting! Gotta go!!!
I get by with a little help from my friends. ---John Lennon

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