Friday, January 25, 2008

Another waste of a day in the Hell-Hole!

I don't even have to post anything today, cuz Miss R said it all on her post!!! Thank you!!

I decided not to burn a sick day, and went in today. Actually, I was going to use a personal day. Good thing I didn't because when I looked at my check stub today, I saw that we STILL haven't received our personal business days yet for this year. What the hell?! And, I know it isn't just mine, cuz I asked around. I was able to meet some friends who work at another school for lunch this afternoon, and they haven't received theirs yet, either. God, I love CPS!

My "baby" went on a shadow day at the high school he will be attending in a few short months. Talk about feeling melancholy this morning. I was such a psycho this morning when I dropped him off at the school. I swear, as I watched him walk away, all I saw was the baby that I took to preschool 10 years ago walking away. It was like a sappy Hallmark commercial. I know, I'm pathetic! He looked so handsome, wearing the school uniform for this Catholic boys' school: dress shirt, tie, dress pants, dress shoes, even a belt!! That, combined with the fact that he's recently lost over 30 pounds, made him look like a man! I couldn't take it! My little man/boy!! One bonus for me, though, is that I left school an hour early so I could pick him up. He was barely in the car before the tie AND dress shirt came off! He'd better get used it! Just like I'd better get used to getting a THIRD job so I can pay his tuition!

If you didn't click on the link above to Dori's blog, be sure and do it so you can see how staff meetings go in the Hell-Hole! Have a great weekend!
We've had bad luck with our kids - they've all grown up. ---Christopher Morley

Sadly, they all do....

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miss r said...

I can't wait to hear how much he liked it!