Wednesday, January 9, 2008

It was a whale of a day!

We had an unexpected surprise today. (Well, ok, we were told about it, but then I forgot!) We had an in-school field trip! Some people from the Shedd Aquarium came and did a presentation about beluga whales. Specifically, they talked about Qannik, a baby beluga that was born at the Shedd. The kids really enjoyed it. As an added bonus, each child received a coupon for five free admissions to the aquarium. I'm thinking that Dori and should plan a trip to the aquarium for this spring.
Here's a girl after my own heart:
If kids are brats when you babysit, don't lie and and tell their parents that they were angels because the next time you babysit, they'll be brats again. ---Cassie, age 15


dori said...

Great beluga picture! They are my favorite kind of whale because they always seem to be smiling. :o)

ChiTown Girl said...

I just love them cuz we have the same body shape!! haha

Mary Beth said...

I used to love when we had in-school field trips cause the kids had so much fun and I didn't tear my hair out fearing I'd lose one of them (HA!)