Friday, January 18, 2008

Frigid Friday!

I just checked, and it's currently 15 degrees outside, with a windchill of -1. Whoo hoo! Talk about brisk! Unfortunately, I just had to stop for gas on the way home. Naturally, I was wearing a hooded, zip-up sweatshirt, so needless to say, it was a bit nippy! Did I mention the 26 mph wind gusts? It probably wouldn't have been so bad if I wasn't wearing a short-sleeved summer shirt under my sweatshirt. But, despite the temperature being in the low teens this morning, my classroom was 96 steamy degrees when I got to school. And it stayed that way all damn day!!!! That kind of heat all day makes me physically sick to my stomach most days. I had the window behind my desk open all day, but it didn't do much to alleviate the oppressive heat.

I'm really irritated with myself for not remembering to bring home the pile of scribbles on my desk. All week, I've been writing down the funny things the babies have been saying during testing. It's funny how almost all of them misunderstood the same words used in the section where they're supposed to come up with sentences. Most of them, when given the word meant, said, "I like to eat meants." (mints!) For felt, the ones that came up with a sentence almost all said, "I felt, " ("I fell.") Several of them used woman by saying, "My mom is a woman."

Today was a rough morning with my darling little boy. Without boring you with all the details, I was hoarse by the time we got to his school. Anyway, when I pulled into the parking lot at work, I realized that in all the madness, I left my bag on the kitchen table with my crock pot, apple peeler/corer/slicer, sugar and cinnamon. Ooo, I was SOOOO pissed! My poor babies! Well, as soon as they walked in, I let them know, and they actually were really good about it. I told them I would cut the apples I had saved, and they could eat them later. Well, one of my moms came in to see if I still needed anything for the 'apple party,' and I told her what happened. She said, "Oh, I have a crock pot! I'll go get it, and I'll be right back." How sweet! Of course the babies got all excited. C.B.'s mom came back about 20 minutes later. Unfortunately, the crock pot she had was one of those little ones you might use to keep a dip warm. There was no way we could use it for our purposes. C.B.'s mom also brought us a bag of sugar, and a jar of cinnamon. I think she went and bought them, as they were both new, unopened containers. Again, so sweet! What we ended up doing was not cooking the apples, but I used another apple cutter I had at school (the kind you push down over the apple and it cuts out the core, and wedges the apple into 8 pieces) and then sprinkled cinnamon sugar over the pieces. The babies went nuts! They actually said they liked it better than the cooked apples. Thank goodness everything worked out for the best. I hate disappointing the babies.

Well, this is a perfect night to take a long soak in a hot tub, so I bid you adieu! What a great start to a nice, loonnggg weekend. Happy Birthday, Dr. King!

The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy. ---Martin Luther King, Jr.

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