Monday, January 7, 2008

Alright, that wasn't so bad...

Well, today wasn't as awful as I had anticipated. Thank you, Jesus! I really did miss my babies. I didn't realize how much until they started walking in the door. It was one giant hug-fest! Most of them were so tired from two weeks of being off their school schedule, I think they were calmer than usual. Even D.J. was fairly well-behaved today. They had the best rest time EVER today, as well. Out of the 25 that came today, about 15 of them went to sleep. I hated to wake them up, but I figured I'd better, so that maybe they'll go to sleep at a decent time tonight.

It's funny how much some of the babies seemed to have changed in two short weeks. A couple of them lost some teeth over break, which always makes me smile. I'm a sucker for a toothless grin!!

I only spoke very briefly to El Queso Grande, and it was to ask for a favor. He did it, so I can't even complain about him today. It was great to see my friends, too. All in all, a pretty good day!

My only complaint (come on, you knew there HAD to be one!) was that, despite the fact that it was 64 glorious degrees here in Chicago today, the heat was going full blast in my room. As usual!! It was about 90 degrees (literally!) in my room all day, even though I had the window open. Good Lord, you'd think I'd be able to sweat off a pound or two working in a sauna every day!
Yeah, I WISH I looked like this!! Talk about incentive to stick to my New Year resolution!
A child can ask questions that a wise man cannot answer. ~Author Unknown

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