Sunday, January 6, 2008

T minus 13 hours, then it's back to the Hell-Hole....

OK, I'm back a day earlier than I had planned. I was checking out the website for my favorite radio station, and this was posted on one of the DJ's blog sites. Sadly, I can say yes to most of 25 things on this checklist....

Quit Your Job in 2008?
Saturday 12-29-2007 6:32am CT
Better go through the checklist first....
If you have a New Year's resolution to quit your job in 2008, you are not alone. A recent survey found 77% of visitors to the career website are dissatisfied with their jobs and are planning to look for new career opportunities in 2008. If you are still undecided, here are 25 signs you should quit your job in 2008, courtesy of the career website
1. I find it hard to get out of bed in the morning.
2. I often arrive late for work.
3. Once I arrive at work, it takes me a while to actually get started working.
4. I sit at my desk and daydream.
5. I have less patience with customers or co-workers than I used to.
6. I spend time at work doing personal tasks.
7. I look at job websites on the Internet when I'm at work.
8. I get impatient with rules and red tape at work.
9. I take longer breaks than I should.
10. When I have to phone people as part of my job I spend more time chatting than I need to.
11. I feel tired during the workday.
12. I don't bother mentioning concerns to the boss because it's usually a waste of time.
13. If I leave the office during the day, I take my time getting back to work.
14. I do the minimum amount of work required.
15. I check the time throughout the day to see how close to quitting time it is.
16. I feel bored at work.
17. I "kill time" during the day by chatting with co-workers or doing other non-essential tasks.
18. I schedule medical and other personal appointments during working hours.
19. I start getting ready to leave work before quitting time.
20. I am out the door as soon as it is quitting time.
21. On the weekends I look at the job classifieds or surf job sites on the Internet.
22. I have called in sick when I could actually have worked.
23. I complain to my friends about my job.
24. I have trouble sleeping on Sunday nights because I'm thinking about having to go back to work.
25. When I'm on holidays I dread going back to work.

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