Saturday, October 8, 2011

Is it still only Saturday?

Holy shmoly, I'm tired. Stud and I left here just over 12 hours ago, and we spent the whole day with my brother. Stud went out to clean the bar, which I think is his new job now. This is the third weekend he's gone, and my brother has slowly been phasing out the kid who was cleaning for him. He was NOT happy with this kid, so it all seems to be working out for the best.

We spent some of that time enjoying lunch with my brother and cousin, and we ended the evening by having a quick bite to eat with just my brother at a restaurant across the street from the bar. While we were eating, our parents arrived at the bar, so we ran in to say hello real quick before leaving. Stud is wiped OUT! He came straight in the house, and went to bed. I'm about to do the same, now that I've fulfilled my NaBloPoMo obligation for the day. Good night!

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Busy~Bee Suz said...

Cleaning a bar might cure him of ever hanging out in one. :)