Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Damn you, Brachs Candy Company!!

I wait all year to indulge in one of my favorite treats - candy corn! I've learned that there are two very clear groups of people when it comes to candy corn. Either you love it or you hate it. Obviously, I LOVE it!

I had to go to Walgreen's tonight to drop off some prescriptions, and pick up some medicine for Stud, who came home sick from school today. I dropped the prescriptions off at the window, then went down the cold medicine aisle. I still had some time to kill until the prescriptions were going to be ready, so I went down the Halloween aisle. Much to my delight/dismay, there was a big, giant display of candy corn. AND, it was on sale! Damn it!!!

There were some new and interesting flavors on this display. This one immediately caught my eye.
And, damn if it wasn't as good as it sounded!! I opened it as soon as I got home, and there's barely half a bag left. I made myself put it up on a shelf so I wouldn't finish it while I typed this!

Instead of "regular" candy corn, I got this Indian Corn. It has a chocolate stripe!!!
Oh, and this one sounded interesting. I hope it's as great a find as the caramel flavor.Hi, my name is ChiTown Girl, and I'm a candy corn-aholic.


The Girl Next Door said...

LMAO just today I was daydreaming about Candy Corn when I realized it was October! (what am I 11 days late in realizing it's October?!)
Love Love Love Candy corn. BUT I'm a purist. Only the original by Brachs. No chocolate nonsense. Seriously CTG get a grip.

Busy Bee Suz said...

I am in the 'I hate candy corn group.'
I hope SM feels better.

miss r said...

The caramel apple kind is my FAVE!!