Thursday, October 6, 2011


Thursday, October 6, 2011

List two things (however close or far) that your current home is between.

My parents' house (about 20 blocks away) and GORGEOUS downtown Chicago.

I spent a wonderful night in my gorgeous city last night. CSJ and I, along with my Bestest Friend, took an architectural tour down the Chicago River. (Yes, you read that right - CSJ and I. Shut up, ok?)

I took my babies on an architectural tour around Navy Pier every year for 8 years. It was the shorter, half-hour tour that basically circled the pier. Then, New Principal came along, and put an end to that.

It's a great tour, and I've always really enjoyed it, despite the fact that most of my time was spent making sure no babies ended up overboard, sprinkled with trips to the bathroom every 8 1/2 minutes.

So, over the summer, when Groupon had a deal for tickets to the longer, one-hour tour that goes down the river, I jumped on it.

I tried to get as many pictures as I possible, since our city is even MORE gorgeous at night, when it's all lit up. You guys already know what a crappy camera I have, so those pictures aren't the greatest. There's some serious lag-time between when you push the button and when the picture actually snaps. Add to that the fact that the boat was cruisin' along, and it all adds up to some blurry, yet interesting, photos. Some of them have a really cool 'artsy' look to them. It's almost like I took them that way on purpose.

As we were cruising along, I suddenly remembered that I had my iPod with me, so I took a ton of pictures with that, too. Those are actually much better than the ones I took with my camera. Things were going along swimmingly, right up until the iPod died. Ugh.

I’m putting all the photos from both cameras here. The blurry, I mean artistic, ones are probably from my camera, and the better ones are probably from my iPod.

(Hey, Suz! I FINALLY used Live Writer to do this, and you're so right! It's MUCH easier!!)


C said...

wow cheech, what awesome pictures!!! i was looking for you, the mister, and stud... but NO can SEE.

i am glad you had a great night. one of my fave things is to see cities at night. i could get lost in the lights...

Kathy G said...

When Hubby and I were in Chicago several years ago we took a river tour. Even during the daytime it was impressive; it looks like it would be even more awesome at night!

Busy Bee Suz said...

Oh, I love me some Chicago!!!! Great photos...even the blurry, I mean artistic ones. :)
Groupon is da'bomb. Live writer is da'bomber. I can't use it anymore with my Mac, but the mac is well worth giving it up. :)
Glad you had fun!!!!

jlo said...

I took that tour when I was in your city. LOVED it!!!