Sunday, October 23, 2011

I didn’t quite think that through enough…

*This post is from LAST Sunday. I wrote it when the internet was out, not thinking it would be out for five freakin' days!! I just found the draft sitting here, and realized I never published it. Sorry. Truthfully, I don't think I actually finished writing it, but I'm not up to a big edit right now.

Stud just decided this past Wednesday night to accept an invitation to a costume party that last night. It was being held at the house of one of his besties other besties. (did that make sense?) His bestie, George, came with us Wednesday when we went to get our hair done at my girlfriend’s place. He used the ride there to convince Stud to go.

(Quick side note, here’s his finished ‘do. As usual, he’s THRILLED to have his picture taken by me!!)


Anyway, while my sister and I were getting our hair done, the two of them disappeared outside for a while. I went outside to check on them (because it was after 10pm, and they were outside in a big, empty parking lot) and Stud was on the phone with his wife. Turns out, he invited her to come to the party! They were discussing what they should wear.

They came up The Annoying Couple. You know that couple. They dress alike, the act alike, they talk alike, they act lovey-dovey every minute of the day. THAT couple.

On the drive home, we were trying to figure out what they could wear. They wanted to dress alike, and I remembered that Stud and I have matching pajama pants (you’ve all seen mine before because I live in them. Naturally, they have penguins on them!) I usually wear just a navy blue t-shirt with mine, and I knew Stud had one, too, so they were going to wear those. Ah, but then I thought, why not white t-shirts? Then, we could write something annoying on them, like “I’m with him ---->, <---- I’m with her” or “I love my husband, I love my wife” You get the idea.

After an INCREDIBLY long day out at the bar (because Stud cleans at a snail’s pace, but that’s another post!) we rushed straight over to his wife’s house, already 45 minutes late. Because of Stud’s turtle speed, we were SO late. I had left him cleaning earlier to go to the store and get the t-shirts, and the plan was I would make them while he was getting ready, then we’d go get the wife, blah, blah, blah. Well, we didn’t even pick up Wifey until the time the party was to start. Ugh! I HATE being late for things!!!!

I told Wife I hadn’t even had a chance to make the shirts yet, and the two of them were deciding what they wanted on them. After talking about the ideas we had had the other night, Stud came up with, “We should just write something on them that makes it so you have to stand together to read it.” Then it hit me – half-hearts on both shirts so when they stand together it makes a complete heart! We were cracking up.

We rushed home, Stud jumped in the shower, and I grabbed my paint markers and the shirts. As I was trying to get the hearts on the shirts, it hit me – write something in the hearts. Wife and I were so geeked up, I was having a hard time drawing. We couldn’t stop giggling. Here’s the idea we came up with.005

Now, unfortunately, I didn’t think this through enough. I simply laid the shirts side by side, and drew. I didn’t take into consideration the depth of their bodies. Poop. I also didn’t take into consideration the fact that Stud is taller than his wife! Argh!! If I had to do them again, I know exactly how I’d adjust them. Sadly, there was no time to fix them, since they were already an hour late for the party. (George called every 5 minutes for that hour, by the way!)

Sadly, because of my poor planning, the hearts looked more like a circle when they stood next to each other. But, they still looked pretty cute. Oh, and I forgot to mention the fact that I had matching shoes for them, too! (I really wanted to stop at a dollar store and pick up some cute reading glasses. I had planned to just pop the lenses out so they could matching glasses, too. But, once again, Stud was TOO DAMN SLOW!)



I think they still looked adorable. Wife had a great time, as did Stud. I figured they were enjoying themselves when he never called for a ride. I would have given him the car to drive them, but kids under 18 can’t drive past 11:00 on the weekend. I didn’t want them to have to cut their evening short, which is why I drove them. Stud kept trying to convince Wife that they should just leave before 11, and then come back here and hang out, just the two of them, for a while. I kept telling him to wait and see, because they just might not want to leave early, which is exactly what happened. (Sheesh, why are we moms always right?!)

In the windup, George, who turned 18 the night before, drove them back to our house (Thank you, George!) and then we drove Wife home. They weren’t quite ready to leave each other, but it was late, and I was exhausted. All the way to Wife’s house, Stud was trying to convince her to hang out today. I don’t think it’s going to happen. It’s almost 10:30, he’s still asleep, and she has to babysit later today. It seems they have they found the secret to a long-lasting marriage – lots of time apart! Hey, it works for MY parents!


otin said...

I guess if you're gonna have a broken heart, then that's the kind to have. lol

Maria said...

I'm sort of horribly fascinated at the way you were such a big part of their halloween costumes.

Because...Liv is going as Lady Gaga this year and we have been stressing out all over the place about producing a "meat dress" for her. My only peace is that she says that this year is her last one.

I never thought about Halloween PARTIES! I stupidly thought that my Halloween involvement would be over as of this year.

Or...maybe she won't me to be involved...that would be fine. I am not the most creative person in the world to begin with. Maybe she will see the light....

Mark said...

I should make shirts like this Fred and me. I wonder if we're that Annoying Couple. You could say that we dress alike since we share the same wardrobe. Hey, it's cheaper that way! Don't knock it.
The shirts are perfect. Way to go!

Busy Bee Suz said...

Gosh...I do hope we are that annoying couple. :)
The costume idea was it; cheap and easy. like me. and you. LOL!!!!

karen gerstenberger said...

That is a super idea, and they looked great together!

Mary A. said...

you are a much better almost MIL than I will be. I won't accept it until it really happens. Sniff

M said...

Great costume idea...still have to plan what I am going to be at work...and then at home.

SassyModernMom said...

Oh I still think they look completely adorable! You did great Mama:)

jlo said...

Classic costume! I love that you call her wifey. Stop it!!! ;)