Tuesday, November 24, 2009

What a day...

This morning, before school started, the older sister of one of my little girls came to my room and said, "AP won't be here today because she went with her dad."

OK, she wasn't here yesterday, either. I was feeling really annoyed, especially because I just told her mom, less than a week ago at report card pick-up, that her daughter has missed far too many days of school (15 out of 36 days!!) and she MUST be here everyday. She's drastically behind in every area.

Well, a few minutes later, the mom came to my room, and proceeded to explain to me that AP's dad picked her and her siblings up on Saturday, and has yet to bring them home. WTF? She started getting upset as she told me about how she has no phone number for him, nor an address. THEN she tells me that the dad is ON PAROLE!! Seriously, WTF?! I didn't ask what for, but does it really matter? She said she talked to his mother, who said, "Now, I told him to bring those kids to school on Monday!" She said that he had been threatening to take her to court for some kind of "fathers' rights" thing, so she got scared and let the kids go with him. Now she's wishing she never had.

By now, she was getting teary eyed. I asked if she had called the police, and she said she called them this morning, and that they were on their way to the school. I put my arms around her, and tried to comfort her, but all that seemed to do was make her cry harder. I told her that chances are, being that he's on parole, he has a parole officer, and the PO must know his address and phone number. Unless of course, the guy's a total assbag, and decides to do something really stupid. Good Lord, let's hope that's not the case.

Ms. H. (my wonderful assistant) happened to be around when the police came. She told me that one of the officers was someone who comes to our school a lot and that he was an absolute jerk to the mom. He was yelling at her and telling her she was stupid for letting her kids go with this guy and not getting his phone number and address. And, the worst part is, he was doing this in the middle of the hall, with other parents, as well as staff members, standing there. What an assbag! I hate to sound like a bitch, but a woman who has children with a criminal is probably not the brightest bulb in the chandelier to begin with, so what's the point of humiliating her like that in front of other people? How 'bout you just take the information, tell her you'll do what you can, and shut the hell up? ASSBAG!

Later in the morning, I saw my friend/neighbor Mrs. J., who told me that our friend BJ passed away last night. I just pray that she has a peaceful passing. Mrs. J. said that her family was donating her brain to science, apparently so they can study the effects of Mad Cow (it's actually vCJD) on the human brain.

Maybe tonight, when you say your prayers, you can say a couple extra for AP and for BJ. Thanks.


C said...

you got it, cheecharooni.. how sad for both situations. i will also thank god for your compassion, you are such a kind cheech. the kindest i've evah known! there is no fucking reason for that cop to treat anyone like that. i would report his cruel ass! i hope her kids come home soon and safely.

happy t-day to you and yours!


Busy Bee Suz said...

I am so sorry to hear about BJ losing her battle...I hope her next life is much easier.
I hope these kids get back to their mom safely...gosh, you should be more careful with who you "lay" with...those folks will be in your life forever. Right?

Ricochet said...

Hope the kids come home - and am so sorry about BJ.

karen gerstenberger said...

Dear Chi,

What a week you're having! God bless you, BJ, your sweet pupil and her mother and her family. God bless them all, help them and help you.
I wish you and Stud a beautiful Thanksgiving. XO

Clippy Mat said...

so sad on both counts.
i read your next post so i know AP is ok but I am sorry about BJ. just awful. :-(

ModernMom said...

So sorry to hear this...