Monday, November 9, 2009

The Birthday Weekend continues…

OK, how sick are you of seeing this “bar” set-up?

HPIM2781-1Can you even believe there was STILL Halloween candy left!!?


Finally, the Lazy Susan being used for it’s real function! This was one of the best things I’ve ever bought myself at Sam’s Club. It came with two different center bowls. This one is divided, which allowed me to put both ranch dip and hummus out with the veggies.


This is the third time now that you’ve seen these cool vinyl containers. They are my favorite things to use for parties, and the best part – they’re from the dollar store!


The yummy stuff on the green platter is this awesome mozzarella & prosciutto roll that I buy at Sam’s Club. Oh, so good!! The other containers have provolone, cheddar and colby jack cheese cubes, and obviously, those are black olives.


Yum! Bruschetta!! LOTS of garlic and basil!


One of my besties and her beautiful little girl, Abby.


My two gorgeous nieces!


Assorted family members. :)

HPIM2792 HPIM2793-1 HPIM2794-1 HPIM2796-1

I should be used to this look by now, cuz I get it about 10 times a day!! This one was caused by the fact that I wanted to take his picture as he blew out his candle. I’ve got some nerve, huh?


My niece just LOVES to take self-portraits!!


Ok, I had deleted the next group of photos, since I HATE myself in pictures. But, then I put them back because I thought you might find the series kinda funny. My niece kept taking picture after picture, and Stud just kept playing around. I was getting a bit annoyed because I really wanted a nice picture of us together.

HPIM2804-1 HPIM2805 HPIM2806 HPIM2807-1 HPIM2808 HPIM2809-1 HPIM2810 HPIM2811 HPIM2812 HPIM2813-1 HPIM2814 HPIM2815-1

Gee, I wonder how this got in here?


Oo, almost there….

HPIM2817 HPIM2818

And THERE it is!! This just might be the Christmas card photo. What do you think?


I was so upset after Stud’s surprise party because I realized, at 2am, when all the cleaning up was done and I was finally hitting the sack, that we never even took a picture together on his birthday. Then, it almost happened again last night. The photo shoot happened after all the guests had left. I’m just glad we managed to get one good one out the million we took!


I love these moments when they actually remember they love each other!


They love their uncle, that’s for sure!


My niece ended up spending the night, which was nice. She was a big help in cleaning up after the party. Since she attends the sister school to Stud’s school, which is right next door, it was nice to all go to school together this morning.

OK, I had planned to do more than just post pictures, but I’m missing Dancing with the Stars!!!


Clippy Mat said...

wow, great photos.
so is that it then? the birthday is finally over?
or are you planning another party to use up that candy? you could just send it up here.

Busy Bee Suz said...

Wow. What a feast. I love the veggies and brushetta!!!
Love all your silly pictures too. Your niece looks just like you!!!!! Did you know that?

jlo said...

You all look so much alike. Love the photo montage of you and Stud. Priceless!

karen gerstenberger said...

These are awesome! I cannot believe how tall he looks...are you petite? He towers over you! Yes, I think you have your Christmas card photo there. The two of you are SO cute together. Like two peas in a pod...and with all of the relatives, I can see quite a family resemblance in all of you. Happy Birthday, Stud! The party food looked delicious - I'll be right over for leftovers! =)