Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween 2009

Stud had a Halloween party Friday night. I’m not entirely sure how it went. I was a bit irritated by the whole thing because, naturally, things didn’t go according to my plan.

First of all, why aren’t kids taught basic, common courtesy anymore? Well, I’m sure all of YOU have taught your children the simple things, like how to RSVP to a party that you are invited to, but apparently, not everyone else has. We invited approximately 30 kids, and I heard back from less than 5. FIVE!! WTF?! If you ask me, it’s just plain rude not to reply in some way to an invitation you receive. Especially with today’s technology! Send an email, send a text, leave a voicemail, something, anything!

In the windup, 8 of Stud’s friends, plus two of their little brothers, showed up. Only one came at the time on the invitation, though, which also irks me, but I digress! I had no idea how to plan for food, since I didn’t know how many kids I’d be feeding. I knew there was enough junk food, but I had planned to at least have pizza or something. I figured I could either order in, if there weren’t that many kids, or pop frozen pizzas in the oven for a crowd. (Sounds backwards, I know, but I was trying to stay within my budget.) I ended up never even serving any pizza because they were perfectly happy with the junk. It was quite a spread, if I do say so myself.


I just picked this Lazy Susan up at Sam’s Club last week. (It was for my niece’s birthday party, not the Halloween party.) It’s a really nice one, and it’s HUGE! I’ve never filled one with candy before but it worked out perfectly.


Who doesn’t love M&Ms? I had three of these cute little star dishes filled with them, plus…


…this little guy. Isn’t he cute? He’s one of my favorite dispensers. (I have a couple different ones at school that we use for M&M Math.) You push the lever on the recliner, and the M&Ms come out the bottom.

HPIM2728HPIM2732 HPIM2733 HPIM2734

I originally picked up the Bar Open sign for the bar, but we couldn’t find anywhere to hang it, since it needed an outlet. It worked out well for the party, though.


I had picked up some mini-cupcakes and some Brownie Bites,


then one of the girls showed up with these. Yum! And, they looked great in my cupcake tree, didn’t they?


I HAD to put these out to make me feel a little better. The kids actually ate them, too! There was also a chili-cheese dip, which is pretty much real food, right?


I found these great tea light holder sets the other day, complete with the big metal spiders.

HPIM2737 HPIM2738

They looked awesome lit up, but I couldn’t get a good picture.

HPIM2741 HPIM2743

This is one of Stud’s friends. They gone to school together since grade school. His costume won Funniest Costume. Can you figure out what it is?


This will probably give you a better idea.


The chair with the “For Sale” sign on it was the best part! He was Rod Blagojevich, the infamous ex-governor of Illinois! He even had his hair “poofed” when he got there. Too funny!

Just some random pictures of the guests.

HPIM2750 HPIM2753 HPIM2754 HPIM2755 HPIM2756 HPIM2757I hope the kids had a good time. At one point, they actually were all sitting together watching The Nightmare Before Christmas. I had pulled out all my “Halloween” movies before the party, just in case they wanted to watch one. Stud really wanted to watch some old movies I had (starring Vincent Price, and the like) but after the first movie ended, his two best friends decided it was time to play Wii. Stud was NOT happy!

One more complaint (sorry, I can’t help it!) about the lack of manners I witnessed. Most of his friends came in and went straight down to the party without even acknowledging me, then later left without so much as a “good bye!” or “thanks for having me.” How rude! Am I the only one who feels that way? Every time I went downstairs to check on things, there were either more kids or less kids, but I never heard them come or go.

If I EVER found out that Stud did that, he would be in serious trouble. I made sure he was aware of how insulted I was by his friends’ behavior.

Wow, that’s WAY more than anyone needed to know about a kid’s party. I actually planned to catch you up on the past few days, but this has taken so damn long, I’ll have to come back later. :(


Busy Bee Suz said...

You are so awesome to host a party for him...really, that is not easy to do. Teenagers seem to be in their own world. I can say mine are USUALLY polite, but I have drilled it into you too.
the party looks amazing and I love the senate seat costume...perfect.
Take care, Suz

Clippy Mat said...

ooh those little ingrates. how annoying is that? either they are just awkward teens who are socially inept or they have no manners. you went to a lot of trouble and it looks like a great party. i don't know how you do everything you do. i get tired just reading it all.
you are a superwoman. i'm sure stud knows how to have good manners thanks to you.

karen gerstenberger said...

That looked like a wonderful party. You were very generous with the great decor and the food...lots of consideration and care clearly went into it. And I concur: people do not have (or teach) manners the way they did in our day (and I'm even older than you are, dearie)!
I have had the same problem, when an invitation clearly says RSVP, and people don't respond. It drives me NUTS.(Maybe I'll write a posting about that...the French "Repondez, S'il Vous Plait" and what that means!)
It's so incredibly rude, and I'm like you: I want to have enough food, but not several weeks' worth of food going to waste, leftover!
I could go on and on about this, but in short, I agree with you. Totally.

C said...

chichi maleechi the teachie!
what rude lil fucktards they are! there is no excuse for that... why, i'd call their parental units and complain! nah, might make trouble for studly.

i lerve all your decorations and specially that spidey candle thingie on the wall! what a nice thing you did for stud... well i appreciate your efforts and i admire the work you put into the whole thing.
i'm sure stud appreciates what you did.