Monday, January 12, 2009

Ugh, I'm so pissed at myself...

...I left a sheet at paper at school that had a bunch of notes for tonight's post. I started the Middle of the Year (MOY) DIBELS today. We were asked to give all the babies the Word Use Fluency (WUF) test today. You may recall this is the stupid component where I give the kids a word and then they use it in a sentence. Ugh! It's horrible! We've been practicing and practicing this concept, and I thought they had it, but then I gave the test. Yikes! Some of my most verbal/vocal babies totally blew it! The biggest problem is that some of these words are just so completely inappropriate for 5 year olds! One of the words is meant. All but one baby used it as mint. The funniest sentence for this word was given to me by my newest baby, Miss A.L. She, like many of the babies, wanted to define each word I gave, rather than use it in a sentence. Most of the sentences I wrote down today to share with you are from her. Anyway, this is what I got for meant: A meant /mint/ means when your teeth stank, you eat a meant and they smell better. How cute is she?!

I'm gonna really try to remember the paper tomorrow so I can share the rest of the sentences with you. Not so much cuz you care (cuz I know most of you don't give a rat's ass!) but for the simple reason that I actually took the time to write them all down!

OK, off to watch The Bachelor. Yes, I know I'm a loser, but I can't help it. Hey, it's my only escape all week, leave me alone!! And, more than likely, the minute I sit on the couch, I'm gonna pass out anyway, and I'll have to wait til Sunday to watch it online.

Oh, one last thing. I added a weather widget over there in the corner for all to enjoy. Especially all my bloggy friends who are in California and Florida, and any other place that's warm right now. We have a blizzard warning in effect right now. We're supposed to get snow Monday, Wednesday and Friday, then below zero temperatures on Tuesday and Thursday. Not windchills below zero, actual temperatures below zero! At least that means that I probably will have lots of babies out this week. They don't usually come to school when we get a lot of snow or really cold weather. Maybe I'll have an easy week. We'll see...


Stephanie said...

27 degrees! Burrr!! It was 85 here today. Come visit!

And I want to see the sentences you wrote down. The meant/mint one is very cute. When my brother was little he had to write his "autobiography" and one of the things he had to answer was what his pet peeves were. He wrote, "My pet peeves are dogs and horses." Haha. So cute.

Jason, as himself said...

I think that weather widget of yours is going to be hurting my feelings a lot this winter.

By the way....I have posted your interview questions.

Anonymous said...

I give a rat's ass about DIBELS! I think it's hysterical. It seems like you don't have much time between tests!!!

Busy Bee Suz said...

"I meant to bring home my notes"
That is not a word a 5 year old uses on a regular basis. geeze.
16 degrees. snow?
yuck. How can you even leave your house? I don't get it.....
take care. Stay warm.

HappyWifeHappyLife said...

"when your teeth stank, you eat a 'meant'" - that's so darn CUTE!

And yes, I want to hear more!!

16 degrees and SNOW? I agree with Suz, I would be in hibernation mode...

No thanks. :)

ChiTown Girl said...

I laugh everytime I read your comments, my bloggy friends, cuz I'm literally STILL walking around in my hooded sweatshirt, with short-sleeved summer shirt underneath. I haven't worn a coat yet this winter. Unless the temperature reading has a minus sign in front of it, it doesn't really seem "cold" to me. Right now the widget says 12 degrees. Ahhh...refreshing!!

Clippy Mat said...

you know what else we have in common? the damn weather! yeuch.
but ours is a tad worse here.
but i do care about those little kids and the morons that devised those tests for them. they're ridiculous. how can they be expected to use that vocab. in a sentence?
not you.
the test makers. ;-)

Bon Don said...

I can give TWO rat's asses, but that's all I can afford!

That ebonics sure is cute! I'm eating a "meant" right now cause I just had lunch and don't want my "teeth to stank"! :)

I'm jealous of the cold weather, how the heck is it 85 degrees in January?? BOO Socal!

*Bon Don*