Thursday, January 15, 2009

Do you feel a draft?

OK, so it's 10 minutes to 9, the babies will be here in 10 minutes, and I had a couple of free minutes to read blogs. (Yes, I'm addicted! I need a 12 step program!) My weather widget says -9, which means it's warmed up since I left my house. When I woke up, the windchill was at -40, and by the time I left, it had warmed all the way up to -32. The only downside (PLEASE forgive me, Smiley!) was that the damn sun was blazing! I think I may be part vampire, cuz I can NOT stand it! I left Smiley a comment yesterday on a new theory I have about how we came to be such polar opposites regarding weather. She gets SAD, and I get whatever the hell the opposite would be. Hot, sunny weather makes me incredibly cranky and irritable. I crave cool, cloudy weather. I should be the one in Seattle, since it's my dream place to live!! Anyway, it occurred to me the other day that perhaps one reason I'm so repelled by the sun is that is usually triggers a migraine. So, maybe over the years, I've developed some kind of Pavlovian response to bright sunlight. What do you guys think? I'm I just a kook, or could there be something there? For the record, I feel the rumblings of a migraine going on right now. The sun is bad enough, but then to have it reflecting back off all that snow...yikes! Oh, and the other theory, developed by my family, is that I was a penguin in a past life, and that some of the DNA has lingered on. I adore cold weather and snow, and I love to swim (just not in ice water!). Plus, I waddle when I walk! tee hee! Not a bad theory... ;-) FYI, I did get out my coat this morning, but STILL got yelled at when I got here to school (by all my "mamas") cuz it was basically just thrown over me, not zipped up, and I didn't have a hat, gloves/mittens, or scarf on. Oh, and my hair was wet, like it is most mornings! OK, technically, it was frozen, but who's keeping track? Anyhoo, I still got scolded like a 5 year old. :( Keep in mind that I'm one of only about 5 white folks that ever step foot in this building. The rest of staff is black, and 100% of the students are black. They can NOT tolerate the cold, so they think I'm from another planet!!!

Oo, time for my babies. Later 'gators!

***Update 9:45 am***
OK, only 10 babies showed up today. Looks like a fun day coming. Good thing I brought a couple Disney movies in anticipation of this exact turnout :)

***Update 2 10:00 am***
I gave the babies a choice of doing centers or watching Tarzan (we just read the book) and they were split 50/50. So 5 are enjoying having centers all to themselves (there's usually 4-6 kids at a center, now it's just 1!) and 5 are enthralled with Tarzan. I forgot how old that movie was, since it came out when Stud Muffin was very young. Most of my babies have never seen it. They are completely wrapped up in it right now. Too cute!

***Update 3 12:30 pm***
First, can you tell I've got waaayy too much free time today, and I'm a little bored? God forbid I clean or organize something in this room!!! Anyway, after Art, the babies asked/begged to watch the movie during rest time (my favorite time of the day!) and of course I said, "Sure!" It worked out perfectly, since there was about 20 minutes left of Tarzan. We turned off the lights, and the babies snuggled up on the carpet together. And, I only have 8 now, because my two little ones went to preschool for the afternoon. After the movie ended, they asked to watch Blues Clues, so that's what they're doing right now. Looking at how cute they are right now, literally cuddling up together (mostly for warmth!) watching the movie, I suddenly started thinking, "Why the hell aren't they doing this at home? They could be on their own couch/carpet, under lots of blankies." But then I realized that it just wouldn't be the same as doing it here. I think this is how the rest of my day is going to go, since there's really no point in doing any new lessons with only 1/3 of my class here. I will be taking out the math manipulatives later, and letting them have math centers. But, overall, it's been one long day of play! You know, like what kindergarten used to be, before they had to learn to read and shit! tee hee!

BTW, the temp is all the way up to -5! Woo hoo!!


Bon Don said...

Oh you just gave me the best flashback of being in school! Movies always seemed so much better when you watched them at school!!

I shower every morning and wash my hair, if I don't do it I won't feel "awake" I always get yelled at from everyone saying "you'll get sick" ... but I do it all the time! I was probably a penguin in a past life too.

*Bon Don*

Katy said...

So I LOVE the sun and am supremely sun-deprived living in the gray, cloudy Pacific Northwest but I don't know that I could handle negative temperatures. I almost froze to death during our last cold snap and it was only 14 degrees.

And, um, ONLY 10 babies? You are batshit crazy girl! ;-)

Stephanie said...

I haven't seen Tarzan! Little Mermaid is my favorite Disney movie. Every time I read your posts about your students, I want to go back to school. I looved elementary school. I loved all my teachers, and everything they taught us. Can I be a guest student? It's not at aaaalll creepy that I'm like 22 years older than the rest of your students. Ha.

GIRL! When it's many degrees below zero you should bundle up a liiiittle bit even if you tend to run hot. :) I love the sun, but I also enjoy cloudy weather, too. They all have their place I suppose.

Busy Bee Suz said...

I love tarzan too....I always cry when the parents are killed though.
Sounds like a nice and easy day for you.
Yes, you are part penguin. weird. I still like ya, but weird. :)

Bow Chica Wah Wah said...

If you're a penguin then I'm an aligator... I need to be in HOT weather and HOT water!


So kids dont go to school on cold days?

LiLu said...

I've been beetching and moaning about 20 degrees over here in DC. I'll shut up now...

Also, thanks for the penguin!!! I can't see one without doing my penguin dance... my bf can attest.

Angela said...

"First, can you tell I've got waaayy too much free time today, and I'm a little bored? God forbid I clean or organize something in this room!!!"

Oh, agreed. Reading blogs entries about teachers organizing their classrooms and grading papers is WAY more fun than actually, um, doing it.

Anonymous said...

I looooooooved it when the teacher let us watch movies in school. Thanks for painting that lovely picture in my mind. So cozy on such a wicked day.