Friday, January 16, 2009

Funny cuz it's true #2...

I just totally stole this from Christine. It made me laugh out loud! Thanks goodness the babies are in gym right now, cuz their teacher is losin' it!!

Chicago Weather Humor
Compared to other cities, Chicago weather reactions .......
60 degrees
Floridians wear coats, gloves, woolly hats & put the car heater on. Chicago people sunbathe.
50 degrees
New Yorkers try to turn on the heat.Chicago people plant gardens.
40 degrees
Italian cars won't start.Chicago people drive with the windows down.
32 degrees
CHICAGO--NO PLACE LIKE IT! Distilled water freezes.Lake Michigan's water gets thicker.
20 degrees
Californians shiver uncontrollably.Chicago people have the last cookout before it gets cold.
15 degrees
New York landlords finally turn up the heat.Chicago people throw on a sweatshirt.
0 degrees
Californians fly away to Mexico.Chicago people lick the flagpole and throw on a light jacket over the sweatshirt.
20 below
People in Miami cease to exist.Chicago people get out their winter coats.
40 below
Hollywood disintegrates.Chicago's Girl Scouts begin selling cookies door to door.
50 below
Santa Claus abandons the North Pole.Chicago people get frustrated when they can't thaw the keg.
60 below
Microbial life survives on dairy products.Illinois cows complain of farmers with cold hands.
460 below - (Absolute Zero)
ALL atomic motion stops.Chicago People start saying... "Cold 'nuff for ya??"
500 below
Hell freezes over.The Chicago Cubs win the World Series.

I'm still cracking up! And, you all know that I didn't even bother to get out my coat until yesterday, when it was about -17! So funny!

Thanks, Christine!!


Christine said...

I actually did run to the store early this morning with a sweatshirt is official, I am for sure a Chicago girl!!!

Mrs. V said...

Very funny! I've seen it done for Minnesota and Wisconsin too.

I just checked the temp and it is now 1.2 ABOVE 0! woohoo! Heat wave, LOL! :)

Stephanie said...

Love that. So funny!

-2?!?! When are temps supposed to be more normal again for Chicago?

Bow Chica Wah Wah said...

There's a cold front today... it's 69 degrees and I wore a turtle neck to work.

I live in MIAMI

ChiTown Girl said...

Stephanie, my love, this IS normal for Chicago!!!

Smileygirl said...

This is hilarious!! Glad you stole it and posted because I needed that laugh you warm blooded freak of nature!!!

Bon Don said...

I need to move! How was I not born in Chicago?

HappyWifeHappyLife said...

That is so cute! I'll have to send that to my brother in Minneapolis (of course, he'll 'modify' it for Minneapolis...)

Jen said...

You cheated, you're from Chicago!?
You were right--the answer is snow!
There's no prize, but congratulations. :D

C said...

hey chi chi.. hahah i know you love penguins, and thought you might enjoy a very humorously sarcastic blog about penguins and other animals... check out "fuck you, penguins" can get to it on my blog. i find it funny.... hope you do as well.
love the weather blog, never heard it before.... funny...


Clippy Mat said...

i got this same email and instead of Chicago it was of course Canada. but it's true. we have so much in common.
freezing our asses off together as it were.
stay warm

Clippy Mat said...

me again. i just blogged something about your blog, the kids' choir. it was so great.
hope you don't mind?
i linked to it here.

jlo said...

I wouldn't last a day in Chicago in winter. We think it's cold if it's 50 degrees during the day. Hope you are surviving. Drink lots of hot cocoa!!

Anonymous said...

Ain't that the troof!!!!!

Also, just want to let everyone know that even though it was so cold I don't even both to count the degrees anymore -- Lake Michigan was STILL making waves against North Avenue Beach.

I drive by everyday and was astounded that the lake could have given a shit about the weather. Pretty much like the rest of us around here...right Christine?!?!?!?

Tom.... said...

very good. My daughter lives in Chi and never stays in, rain sleet snow ice. Her kids love the snow, her husband wears long undies on the train from Edison Park. I will send this to her.
I'd like to hear more about the Chicago schools, as I'm a teacher in St. Louis.
I wrote a novel about a veteran middle school teacher, and posted the first chapter on my website. It should be published within the next 6 months. I invite you and your readers to check it out. Take care.

Anonymous said...

Love it. And it's why this thin-blooded woman will NOT move back to Chicago. ;) It's going to be 55 and sunny here today.:)