Monday, January 19, 2009

18 years ago today...

...this happened. This is one of my favorite pictures of us from our wedding. And, yes, I WAS 12, thanks for asking.It's not as hard to look at this as it used to be. After all, without CSJ, there would be no Stud Muffin, right?

OK, you have my full permission to laugh at my poofy 90s hair, the poofy 90s sleeves (Hey, Suz, that's MY $300 dress!) but not so much my poofy veil, since my mommy made it. As a matter of fact, my mom made not only my veil, but the headpieces for all bridesmaids, all their jewelry, and ALL the flowers (including those for church, the centerpieces at the hall and corsages for all the aunts and boutonnieres for all the uncles. Keep in mind, I come from a very stereotypical BIG Italian family, so we're talking at least 15 of each!)

I hadn't planned to write more than two lines for this post, so I'm going to stop here. The one thing I did want to share was that on the day we got married, it was 65. Yes, really! (Today it's all of 19, a real heat wave from the past few days!) It was really strange. Everyone was walking around without their coats. It was also incredibly bright and sunny. At the time, we thought those were all signs that we were being smiled upon from up above. Ha! That's pretty funny now!!


Busy Bee Suz said...

You look sooooo purdy. I see where Stud Muffin gets his looks....from BOTH of you. What a great combo he is.
Yes, you have to look on the bright got that prince of a son out of the deal.
STILL, I hope CSJ has a life time supply of cold sores. :)
I am rotten.

Bon Don said...

Wow that is an awesome 80's flashback picture if I've ever seen one! You still look young & pretty!

*Bon Don*

endswith8741 said...

I was gonna say what Suz and Bon Don said. They beat me too it.

Also, I can't imagine a day in February being 65 degrees! Maybe it wasn't a sign from above about a wonderful life together as much as it was a gift for the day.

Katy said...

Ok, OBVIOUSLY there is a whole CSJ story I need to research in your archives but until then - HOLY FUCK I think we got married in the same dress and veil! I have to scan (ok, get Thing 1 to scan since I don't know how to work the damn thing) a pic from my wedding day so we can compare. Dec. 31, 1993 - FULL ON poofy 1990's style baby!

Now I have to go read your archives when I should be doing homework on adolescents and what monsters they are. You are keeping me from an A in this class!

Lakeland Jo said...

wow- you have inspired me to put my wedding photo on the blog. I love the photos but we both look so young!!

ChiTown Girl said...

Suz- You crack me up!! And, I agree whole-heartedly!

BonDon- Apparently, your BIG weekend of fun has affected your eyesight! ;-)

8741- I think you meant January (?) but I promise, it was 65! And, you're right about it being a gift. Actually, I left out the part of the story where we practically had a blizzard the next day, and we almost couldn't fly out for our honeymoon.

Katy- It might make your search shorter if you just clicked on the label that says "ex." In the meantime, I will give you this: CSJ stands for "cocksucking jagoff." Enjoy! But first, hit those books!!

Jo- Sadly, I WAS so young! Naturally, at the time I didn't think so. I thought I was an old maid, because I kept trying to follow in my mother's footsteps, I guess. She was engaged at 16, married at 18, had me at 20. Hell, I was already (gasp!) 22 when I got married. I was WAY behind the timeline!! Good grief! If only I could go back in time, huh? Then again, I never would do that because then I wouldn't have my beautiful baby boy!

Clippy Mat said...

yep, going to look for my old wedding photo now too.
never mind CTG, you rose above it all and have that lovely young man as a testament to what was good between you.
keep moving forward.

jlo said...

Oh, that's good. I was going to make fun of the 80's poof veil, but since your mom made it I won't. I sooo wanted one of those in the 80's for my dream wedding! ;)

HappyWifeHappyLife said...

OHMYGOSH... you were a beautiful child bride!!! I had no idea you 12 when you married!! Fundamentalist LDS, perhaps?? (Just kidding....)

Wow. Time goes by, doesn't it? Amazing.

That is a sweet picture and you got your precious son out of the deal so it was a Good Day!