Tuesday, January 13, 2009

DIBELS sentences

OK, I see I didn't remember exactly what A.L. said yesterday. Her exact quote was, "A meant is when your teeth stank, you put a meant in your mouth and it smells good!"

Most of the babies used meant as mint. Another word they used "wrong" was which. Naturally, they used "witch." All except for M.A., my resident genius. Her sentence was, "I don't know which one to choose."

Three different babies said, "A witch is evil." One little darling, T.R., had me laughing because HE said, "I am a witch." We both promptly had a fit of giggles as soon as he said it. He also later said, "I am a woman." Again, giggle fits.

A.L. gave me this gem for woman - "A woman cooks with her husband, and then lays around the house."

Twin Boy AND Twin Girl both heard "mitten" when I said meant. Twin Girl's sentence was - "A meant is like a glub." Poor baby, I laughed right in her face! Glub!!! Love it!!

My little pervert in the making, J.L., gave me, "You can look at a woman." (Ok, I'm kidding about the pervert part, but he's definitely gonna be a man!!)

I'd love to know what's going on at A.M.'s house. She told me, "You can hang your dog on the fence." I'm pretty sure she meant tie the leash to the fence, but that wouldn't have been as funny!

Back to A.L.'s cute statements. "A coach can make kids do stuff." (Suz, is that true!?)

One of the other absolutely RIDICULOUS words in this test is felt. (Well, maybe they're only ridiculous words for my students. I'm not sure.) You might remember that last time I wrote about it, most of the kids used this as the past-past tense (?) for "fell," as in, "I felt down." It was the same this time. However, A.M. did tell me, "I felt real bad." Well, gee, maybe it's cuz you hung your dog on the fence!! tee hee! One other baby did give me, "I felt bad." But, he obviously hadn't maimed an animal, so he didn't feel REAL bad. :)

Finally, one of my favorite little boys, J.W. almost made me sad when he gave me this one - "Nobody will play with me." I had to remind myself that at least he used the word properly, and earned himself 5 points. But, I didn't like hearing it from him. He told me today that his little sister got all the siblings in trouble and "now we're all on punishment." Jeez, I just hope that means no T.V. I few of the others immediately started chiming in and telling me how they get "whooped" with extension cords. Yikes! OK, I'm stopping this tangent in it's tracks!


Busy Bee Suz said...

Yes, a coach can make you do stuff...clean, cook, etc....kidding. He can only make kids do stuff, not me. :)
those poor kids. I can ONLY imagine what most of them see and hear at home. Such a shame. I wish I could raise them all myself.....
good lord, I hope in chitown there is not some poor dog hanging on a fence!!!

Clippy Mat said...

A.L. is a comic genius.
love those sentences.
those kids and their punishments.
aww, that's awful.
hug them 2X tomorrow.

Bow Chica Wah Wah said...

Too Cute!

Stephanie said...

Aw. :( I always wanted to be a teacher, but animals and little kids make me cry so it'd probably be a bad situation.

Those words seem tough for 5-year-olds because they do sound similar to others. You seem like a really sweet, patient, fun teacher though.

Oh man! You'd take 9 degrees over mid-80s! Goodness. As my grandma says, "it takes all kinds!" And I believe it because if there weren't people who enjoyed and/or tolerated cold weather, no one would live in the midwest, northeast, Alaska, Canada, etc. I suppose! And of course we're still friends! I hate summer a little too! 100 gets old reaaaal quick!

Bon Don said...

I'm sure all the little babies spill the beans on home life...

I did! I would even draw pictures for my teachers! LOL!

I agree with Ms. Stephaine, you do seem like a really sweet, patient, fun teacher!

*Bon Don*

Anonymous said...

I LOVE DIBELS. These kids are too cute. So innocent and they don't know when to censor themselves!! Poor parents... ;)

Jason, as himself said...

Whooped with extension cords? **Grimace***

Kids + words = funny stuff!

Rabidparadise said...

They all sound so adorable! At least you had fun with such a silly test! XOXO