Thursday, January 22, 2009

Thanks, JLo!!

My sweet bloggy friend, JLo, over at Almost Famous just did the sweetest thing! After reading this post, she felt compelled to do something for my babies. Today, I received a package in the mail with this in it:How adorable are these?! Monday morning, there are going to be two boys and two girls that are very happy. My dilemma now is deciding which babies to give these to. I have a pretty good idea already, and now I have a three-day weekend to make my final decision. A million thanks to you, JLo!!

The three-day weekend is thanks to a professional development day tomorrow. The kids are off, and we're supposed to attend one long, boring meeting after another. But, Homey don't play dat! (Holy crap, did I really just type that?!) My report cards are finished, which is what tomorrow is really supposed to be for, and I finished all my DIBELS testing today, so I don't feel the least bit guilty about taking a mental health day tomorrow. Ah, who am I kidding? I NEVER feel guilty about taking mental health days. ;-)

I've had 3 babies transfer out in the past week and a half, a total of 4 since we've come back from break. I'm back down to 20 babies. Now, of course, I just jinxed myself by putting it in black and white, but for now, I'll just enjoy it.

JLo wasn't the only one to bless my babies with gifts this week. I'm pretty sure I didn't post about this, but back before the holidays we had our "Principal for the Day" day at the Hell-Hole. It's something CPS does every year (do other schools do it, too?) We actually (finally!) had someone come who followed through on his promise to support our kids, and help us out. This year, our Principal for the Day was the president of Scholastic Books School and Library Group. He actually spent quite a bit of time chatting with me at our meet-and-greet breakfast, then later came to visit my class, and sat in on our read-aloud. He told me more than once to let him know what I needed/wanted for my class, and I figured I'd catch up with him later in the day to talk. Well, he ended up leaving before I had a chance to speak to him.*

A few weeks later, on our Real Men Read Day, who do you think came to our room to read? You got it, Mr. President! My kids loved it! If you aren't familiar with this program, Scholastic send books to the school for our kids (usually a different book for each grade level) then a male volunteer comes to read the book to the kids. The kids each receive a copy of the book that was read. The book Mr. President read to my babies was a book that my kids were familiar with thanks to one of those Scholastic DVDs I mentioned last week. The kids had a blast listening to Mr. President read, and he got a kick out of the babies, since they knew the story. He actually ended up staying for a while and observed/participated in our center time. The babies were thrilled!! And, I gotta say, he was impressed with how knowledgeable my babies are, as well. We were able to chat a bit during centers and I was able to give him an idea of what kinds of things I could use in my classroom.

Flash forward to yesterday (as this post is 10 times longer than it should be already!) I received two big boxes from Scholastic. One box had a collection of books specifically written for African-American children. The other box held the mother load!! There were 11 (11!!) sets of books and CDs. Each CD came with 5 copies of the book. Our listening center just doubled in size! Today, I received another box that held Scholastic's entire Kindergarten Read-Aloud Library. I noticed on the packing slip that I still have one more box coming. From what I can tell, it's Big Books. (Ok, I know my teacher friends just wet their pants, right?) In all, Mr. President sent me approximately $500 in books for my classroom. Can you believe it? I can't!!

*Ok, I'm really surprised I didn't write about this day, cuz I should have shared this story. Like I said, Mr. President left before I could talk to him again. My real plan was to talk to him about a job. After I dropped my kids off at our prep class, I went to find him, and that's when I heard he had to leave early because he had a meeting. I was feeling sorry for myself, and a little pissed at myself, too, for not at least getting his card. As I was walking back to my room, literally with my head down cuz I was pouting like one of my babies, I looked down at the stairs I was on, and there it was...HIS CARD!! Yes, seriously! I still can't believe it. Is that a sign or what?! I immediately emailed him, but never heard back. When he came to read to my class, I told him this story, and even he was taken aback, and agreed that it was a sign. He said he never got the email, but then he then told me I should call him anytime, since his cell phone number is on the card.

So far, I've resisted calling, but maybe if all my bloggy friends put in a good word/positive thought/prayer for me, I may be able to say I'm an employee of Scholastic Books soon!

Holy crap, is anyone still there?? I can't remember the last time a wrote a post this long. I gave myself a headache just rereading this! Since I don't have to work tomorrow (tee hee!) I'm off to watch the episode of The Bachelor I missed on Monday. Nighty night!


Smileygirl said...

I have my fingers and toes crossed for you on the job. And a prayer will be said as well! I hope it works out. Btw, those mittens are adorable! So sweet of JLo.

C said...

that is FANTASTIC! i love it when people help out like that. you are the coolest, most caring teacher, hon... certainly in the right profession. when you start to feel a little down, remember those smiles you help put on those kiddie's faces. that'll cheer ya.
god bless your lil babies and YOU.


Busy Bee Suz said...

JLO is pretty awesome!!!
The sholastic guy sounds fabulous nice is that? I bet you just love looking over and seeing all those nice, new pretty books for the kids!!
Sending good thoughts on the job fun would that be?

Clippy Mat said...

that is the sweetest story, the free books, the nice president and the nice JLo for sending those mittens.
You. you are an awesome teacher. Scholastic would be crazy not to have you, but what you do there? wouldn't you miss your babies too much?

ChiTown Girl said...

Aw, Clippy, don't make me feel bad about leaving my babies! :( That's EXACTLY why I haven't moved on yet. I can't stand the thought of being away from them. Yeah, I know I seem to do a lot of complaining and outright bitching, but that's what my blog is for - free therapy! Down deep, I love them all to death.

I think working for Scholastic Books would be such a great job, but maybe I'm way off base. I am basing this solely on my love of books, especially children's books. Scholastic has a whole division of "teacher books," to which I think I could make some valuable contributions. Maybe I could actually put that damn masters degree in Curriculum & Instruction to work! I'll keep you posted...

jlo said...

Yeah! Glad the mittens made it and I hope it is still cold enough for them...or not?!?!

I did wet my panties about the load of books and cd's. Lucky girl!

ChiTown Girl said...

Well, we ARE in the middle of a heat wave this weekend. It went all the way up to 9 so far today. But, I think the babies might want to wear mittens anyway ;-)