Monday, December 10, 2007

iHola Amigos!

We started exchanging our Secret Santa gifts today, and here's a story that is so typical of the Hell-Hole. (Or as my cousin says, "Vintage!") One of the ladies left her gift for her person on the counter where we sign in, figuring the recipient would see it when she got there. It was very clearly marked with Mrs. M.'s name on the tag. Well, some knucklehead decided to freakin' OPEN IT and help themselves to the contents!! It was a basket that was filled with candy, and after the first person helped themselves, it was left open on the counter for all to take. What the hell?! And take they did!! Only in the Hell-Hole would people take something that wasn't theirs, and not even bat an eye. When I was asking around about it at the end of the day, I happened to see the Big Cheese standing in the office, so I asked him if he saw it. "Oh, you mean that basket that was up here with Mrs. M.'s name on it? Yeah, I saw it earlier. As a matter of fact, I ate a few mints out of it. But, I don't know where it is now." Are you kidding me!!?? He actually saw someone's name on it, and still helped himself!!

Luckily, the basket had been picked up by Dori and returned to Mrs. M., even though all the candy was gone. Jeezaloo! People!!

At the end of the day, Mrs. G. was there, as always, to pick up her daughter. (You may remember me mentioning her in a previous post.) She said hello, and then bent down next to B., as I was helping one of the babies zip their coat. I heard her whisper, "Did you tell Mrs. L. what Daddy said?" B. gave her signature adorable smile and said "no," so Mrs. G. tells me ---

"Last week, when he came to pick up B., he came home and said, 'Oo, baby, Mrs. L. was lookin' good today! She looks like she lost some weight or something.' I said, 'And she cut her hair, too.' Then he said, 'Oh... yeah... I knew she looked different. She was looking fine.' Then he says to B., 'Tell Mrs. L. she's caliente!'"

Now, that is one secure woman. How the hell do you repeat a story like that to another woman (let alone your child's teacher!)? I would punch my husband if he came home talking about our child's teacher like that! Or any woman, actually, that he would describe as 'fine' and/or 'caliente'! Not that it wasn't a boost to my ego, mind you! That G. family! They are absolutely my favorites! Friday was the first time this year that I've seen Mr. G. (I saw him all the time when their son was in my class, but he's changed jobs now, so he works during the day now.) So maybe, he was just happy to see me! Tee hee!

I guess this doesn't exactly apply to B.G., but it's cute nonetheless...
Children seldom misquote. In fact, they usually repeat word for word what you shouldn't have said. ---Author Unknown

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