Thursday, December 20, 2007

I'm in just under the wire...

This is the closest I've ever come to missing my self-imposed deadline for posting every school day!! It's 10 minutes to midnight, and I've just finished doing some gift wrapping. I needed a break, and realized I hadn't posted anything tonight.

Well, the Christmas assembly was exactly the cluster fuck I knew it would be. As soon as my class finished, we went right off the stage, and out the door! There was NO WAY I could sit there amidst the utter chaos that is the Hell-Hole. My babies were awesome, by the way. I'll download the video tomorrow, when I'm not so exhausted. I'm really proud of them.

These next 6 hours of school can NOT go by fast enough. I so don't want to even go tomorrow! My mother guilted me into buying something else for the babies for Christmas. I had my niece put the pencils and candy canes in their stockings today, and I was going to leave it at that. But, this afternoon, I was talking to my mom on the phone, and she asked if we were having a party tomorrow, to which I replied, "Hell no!" Then she asked what I got them for Christmas, and I told her nothing. I told her about the pencils and candy canes, and she got upset with me. "Is that the memory you want them to have of kindergarten?!" So, I ended up grabbing something else to put in their stockings. The fact that I wanted to put it in the stockings limited what I could get, but then I found the perfect solution. I bought a case of individual snack-sized bags of microwave popcorn at Sam's Club. Perfect! They'll slide right into the stockings, and I'll feel better knowing they all LOVE popcorn.

Only one more child brought in a grab-bag gift today. That only makes 6 children that will participate, I guess. I was going to pick up a few extra gifts for those who didn't bring one, but I'm certainly not going to buy 21 gifts! We'll see how it goes tomorrow.

I did get a few gifts today, which was really nice. One of my babies from last year came up to me this morning before school and flung a gift at me, along with her 10,000 watt smile. It was the most adorable coffee mug with my initial on it. Very cute! I'm so glad it was something different. You have no idea how many "teacher" mugs I have. This is so unique, I just love it!

Another of my babies brought me a gift today, but told me I couldn't open it until Christmas. But, once I got home, I couldn't resist. It's a really cute little gift set of shower gel, lotion, bath salts and a puff. Cute!

Mrs. M. across the hall also brought me a gift today. She put together a sweet little basket of goodies for me. I don't think I've ever mentioned this before, but I have this really sick, twisted obsession with penguins. (I'll elaborate another time!) So there were several penguin items in the basket, along with some great potpourri, scented candle and bubble bath stuff. I'm all set for a relaxing night in the tub.

I've mentioned Mrs. G., one of my parents, more than once on my blog, and she's done it again! She not only brought me a beautiful fruit basket, that she put together herself, but she made individual goody bags for every child in the class. She always makes very old-fashioned goody bags for the kids, with an orange and/or apple, and some candy. I think it's wonderful! The kids were all so excited about the orange she put in their bags, it was too funny! I'm bringing some gifts for the G. family tomorrow that I hope they'll enjoy.

I haven't mentioned this yet this week, but all week, I've had a Secret Santa leaving me gifts. Actually, the gifts have been delivered by someone different every day. Every gift has been some sort of penguin, so I've been elated all week! Monday, I received a door cover/decoration with penguins on it. Tuesday, I received a penguin ornament. Wednesday, it was an absolutely adorable penguin wall hanging/decoration. Today, it was a penguin figurine, complete with a glittery little scarf. Very cute! I'm curious to see what tomorrow brings. All week, I assumed my Secret Santa was Dori, but I found out today, it's not. I'm confused. I think it may be my assistant from last year. Although, I asked her yesterday, and she said no, but I still think it's her. Just to be safe, I made sure to pick up something for her tonight.

Oo, one more gift from today. The other day, I spoke to the man from the after school program I'm working for to find out where the hell our pay was from November. He told me it would be sent out on Friday, and then told me he would be sending everyone a little Christmas bonus. He swore me to secrecy, because he wanted everyone to be surprised. I thought it was the least they could do, since we waited almost a month to get paid, but I was appreciative, nonetheless. They gave the teachers $100 each, our parent assistant $50, Mrs. J., our clerk, $100, and they sent me $200! Yay for me! It was a nice little show of appreciation, don't you think? None of the other after school programs I've ever worked for did anything like that. They called yesterday to say they were overnighting the checks, and they arrived this morning. Very nice!

Please send good thoughts and prayers my way for tomorrow to go by quickly! Come on, Christmas vacation!!! Two glorious weeks away from the Hell-Hole! I CAN NOT WAIT!!!
Like fruit, children are sweetest just before they turn bad. ---Dena Groquet

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