Monday, December 17, 2007

Yikes! Only 8 days til...

I just stole this from my good friend, Laura. She has it posted on her blog. It was so cute, I wanted to share it with you guys.

The rest of this week, I pray to God, will be a breeze. Today, we didn't do much other than Christmas 'stuff.' Believe it or not, our LLT actually showed up this morning to work with some kids (will wonders never cease?!) and the babies were doing some writing, which is a big no-no during our "reading block." Ask me if I care. I was sitting at my desk cutting out 54 stockings out of red construction paper, as well as 27 lengths of yarn with which the babies were going to sew together two stockings each. As soon as she walked in, I just said, "I'll send you a group." Then I sent her my four lowest babies to work with, seeing how that's her job and all. I tried to just ignore her and her group, but it was hard because I kept hearing things like, "What sound E makes?" Good God, help us!! How the hell is this person supposed to help these children when she can't even speak proper English?!?!

As she was leaving, she actually asked me if I was going to do small groups today. I just looked at her like she had three heads. "Oh, I know, you're trying to get ready for the Christmas Assembly. But, you know, if someone were to come in here, we'd be in trouble for not having small group instruction going on." Again, ask me if I care! Trust me, no one from the board is visiting anywhere the week before Christmas break. And if they did, oh well! Man, I have a shitty attitude. That's what the Hell-Hole has done to me....

After lunch, as we were now trying to make the stockings, the Reading Interventionist stuck her head in to tell me she wouldn't be coming at her scheduled time (surprise, surprise!!) because she had a meeting. She is supposed to be pulling kids from my class every single day, for at least a half hour. She's done it exactly ONCE since school has started! OK, I don't want to start ranting about this, because I could go on and on, and what fun would that be for you?

The stockings have been a challenge indeed! The babies are supposed to be using a simple whip-stitch to sew the two stockings together, but it's proving difficult for many of them. I then had them glue cotton balls across the top for the cuff. The ones that are finished are really cute. I want to put a treat of some sort in them on Friday for them to take home. I haven't decided what yet, though. I already bought them Christmas pencils and erasers, so maybe I'll put those and a candy cane.

We never got a chance to even practice our song today for the assembly. Most of them know it pretty well, but they could still use some practice. I'm going to bring my camera tomorrow and try and capture a bit of them singing for you.

Well, it's time to feed my baby (ha!) so I'll leave you with this:

I once bought my kids a set of batteries for Christmas with a note on it saying, toys not included. ---Bernard Manning

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