Tuesday, December 18, 2007

It was another one of THOSE days...

I have no idea how I kept myself from walking right out the door today. GOD, I HATE THAT PLACE!!!! Let me give you a few of the highlights...

As we were coming out of our room to use the bathroom and go to lunch, I opened the door to see FIVE people sitting in the hallway at the "security desk" doing NOTHING! FIVE! Both security people were there, as well as three assistants. They were all sitting around, chit-chatting, having a gay old time, while I struggled to get 27 5-year-olds in and out of the bathroom and to lunch BY MYSELF. Ugh, it was so infuriating! But, wait, it gets better. Suddenly, El Queso Grande comes walking down the hall, toward where five of his employees were all sitting around doing NOTHING, and he simply waves and smiles! WHAT THE FUCK!? That would have never happened at a "real" school. No principal would tolerate that type of behavior from any employees. They're getting paid to WORK, not socialize, for God's sake! What's worse is that he takes part in the socializing! ASSHOLE!
After lunch, my class went to library. By now, you all know that the entire library curriculum consists of watching movies on the big screen, right? My prep time was over, I sat in the hall waiting, waiting, waiting, no babies. After 5 minutes went by, I walked up to the door to see that the movie was still on, and the kids were still sitting. So I walk in to start lining them up MYSELF (cuz, God forbid, I wouldn't want the librarian to do it!) and I see the librarian and the Big Cheese both sitting together in the back of the room playing on a computer!!! AUGGHHH!!! How dare he have the audacity to EVER say anything to me about ANYTHING he thinks I'm missing in my classroom, when he thinks it's perfectly acceptable for the library curriculum to be watching fucking television! And the art curriculum is passing out a fucking blank sheet of copy paper, day after day after day. And the gym curriculum is let's all run around and act like animals for 40 minutes. And the mother fucking assistants don't have to do ANYTHING! I HATE THIS FUCKING PLACE!!!!

OK, as you can see by the "salty" language above, I got a little worked up just thinking about my day, so I stopped and had a lovely little cup of orange tea. I'm feeling a bit better now. Still pissed, but not ranting.

While I was having my tea, I downloaded the video I took of the babies today singing their song for the assembly. I was in such a pissy mood all day today, and I didn't realize how damn cute they sounded until I watched the video. Remember, I was trying to keep the anonymity of my babies, but I wanted you to hear them, hence the goofy video of my Christmas decorations:

And, here are a few shots of the stockings they've been working on this week. After they left today, I wrote their names on their stockings with some green glitter glue as a little surprise for them for tomorrow.

Now I just need to remember to pick up some candy canes to stuff into these little babies before Friday. I think I'll stuff them Thursday night and leave them at each child's seat to find in the morning.

I've had the Biggest Loser Finale on for background noise, and it's starting to suck me in. I've never seen a single episode of this show, but I just may have to watch next season. Hell, I need to be ON it next season! I'm going to see who wins the $100,000. Good night!

Probably no greater honor can come to any man than the respect of his colleagues. ---Cary Grant

I came across this while looking for tonight's quote, and it instantly made me think of the Big Cheese. And what an ASSHOLE he is, of course!!

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KBL 2 ORD 2 SAN said...

Ha ha ha! I love that video. They sound adorable. I can't wait to one day visit your classroom. Can I bring Achilles and Milo? Maybe Milo can give EQG a bite in that culo of his and teach him a lesson!!!