Monday, December 3, 2007

Miserable Monday

School wasn't so much the miserable part, believe it or not. It was all the crap that happened after!! Let me get the crap out of the way first. I went straight to Sam's Club after school because I needed dog food. When I left school, I called my sister to see if she wanted to meet me there. She said said yes, so I expected her to be there when I got there, since she lives closer to Sam's than school is. Anyway, I get there, but then ran in to the teacher store across the street to get a display board for my son's science fair project. I figured it would give my sister a few more minutes to get there, since I'm sure she didn't leave as soon as we hung up. After we bought the board, we drove across to Sam's, and I call my sister to see where she was. Well, lo and behold, she's still home! Apparently, she had been on the phone from the first time I called until now. Then she tells me she doesn't think she's going to make it. AAAAGGHHH! She can be so irritating!! So, I go in, list in hand, as well as the list my mother gave me (on the phone while I was driving!!)

Now, the real crap. As we're putting the things in the car, my son went to put the 55lb bag of dog food into the trunk. Somehow, as he was putting it in there, he ripped a huge hole in the bag, and dog food started spilling all over the trunk and parking lot. Expensive dog food, by the way! I wanted to smack the crap out of him!!!! Somehow, the bag ripped in such a way that I couldn't even just flip it over to try and save the food. It ripped straight across, and somehow bent itself into some sort of "L" shape right at the rip. If I tried to move it, the whole thing would spill all over. So, I just slammed the trunk in a fit of rage, and drove off.

While we were shopping, I had decided we would go to Chipotle for dinner, since it's just down the street from Sam's. Plus, it's one of our absolute favorite places to eat! Anyway, by the time the whole dog food fiasco ended, I was so furious and aggravated, we just went straight home. When we got there, I started trying to figure out how the hell to get the food out of the trunk. While we were driving, a quarter of the bag spilled out all over the trunk. It was a disaster!! I made my son come out and get as much of the food out of the trunk as possible. In the meantime, I was going to bring the rest of the groceries in the house. I opened the back door, and one of the boxes of grape tomatoes I just bought came flying out the door, hits the ground and spills everywhere. Now I'm screaming like a child!! Luckily, it occurred to me to pick them up, since I had to wash them anyway, so the rage subsided slightly.

I bring everything in the house, and then start unloading the dishwasher. I was putting away some really pretty little shot glasses that I received as a Christmas gift last year, and as I was putting them back in the box, they somehow shifted and one of them broke. I seriously thought I was going to stroke out! It was just one shitty thing after another! Ugh, I'm really pissed about the glass. They were so pretty. They were from Pier 1. They were handblown, and the base of the glass was a ball with swirls of color throughout. I guess they're hard to describe, but I couldn't find a picture on the Pier 1 website. Anyway, now my set of four is a set of three :(

After all that, I still had to figure out what the hell I was going to make for dinner, since I acted like a child, and didn't go to Chipotle to spite my son. That, however, ended up working out just fine. I whipped out a big pot of vegetable and bean soup, that was wonderful, if I do say so myself. My son had three big bowls, and kept telling me how good it was. So, kudos to Mom!

OK, I think I'm finished venting now. And, I have yet to mention anything about school, huh? Oh well, I'm too pooped to write anymore. It was an alright day, not good, not bad. Tomorrow we'll be treated to a Christmas show by the Salvation Army, so that should be a nice little break. I'm off to help my son with his science fair board, so I'm sure I'll need to vent again later!

Always be nice to your children because they are the ones who will choose your rest home. ---Phyllis Diller

I'm going to try and remember this while I'm working on this board. I wish I could have remember it while I was screeching at my son in the Sam's Club parking lot :(


KBL 2 ORD 2 SAN said...

Awwwww girlie! Poor, poor baby. I'd give you a hug and a wet, slobbery kiss if you were here. Then I'd BYFFI for not handling the situation better than you did. What the hell is wrong with you woman? Get it together. Jeezaloo. Remind me never to give you my grocery list over the phone!!!

Love ya!

ChiTown Girl said...

Thanks for slapping me back to reality, Girlfriend!! I'm the first to admit I have a hot Dago temper! And, it gets the best of me at times.